Google Play Store on Huawei Nova 2

Download Google Play Store on Huawei Nova 2 in China

The Chinese government does not allow Google products in China because of security issues, if you are in travelling to China, there on a business trip or living there. You won't...

Download Twitter on Chinese Phone

Twitter is one of the most famous social media in this era. From common people to the president of the country, everyone is using it. After the privacy issue of Facebook. Twitter...
Google Assistant on Android Lollipop

How to Get Google Assistant on Android Lollipop without Root

Google Assistant works as your personal companion on Android phones. First, it was exclusively introduced for Google Pixel Devices, now Google has introduced it in Nexus 6P running on Android Nougat...
cell phone locator

Phone locator: 5 best products of 2017

As much as somebody is always alert about placing or taking care of their smartphone, it is human tendency to be forgetful in times of stress and heavy workload. At such...
Disable Google Apps on Xiaomi without Root

Disable Google Apps on Xiaomi without Root (MIUI 8)

Xiaomi phones are great without any doubt, they stand out among all others of their tier in software and hardware. There are some drawbacks in the OS as well. You might...

Download Google Installer APK v 2.0 for Chinese Phones

China has a strict policy against Google Apps and its services. The smartphones manufactured in China are not allowed to support Google apps. So the firmware/operating systems developed for Chinese phones...
Download Install Snapchat on Huawei Chinese Xiaomi

How to Install Snapchat on Huawei Chinese Model

Snapchat was introduced a couple of years back. And in such short time, it has developed a huge number of users. Now it stands next to Facebook and Twitter. It is...
Five Google Apps You Never Noticed Before

Five Google Apps You Never Noticed Before

There are number of Google apps that you use on your Android device each day. There are many built-in Google apps that you come across each day. Like Google Maps, Drive,...
identify correct architecture for APK android files

Identify Correct Android Architecture for APK [arm arm64]

Android phone architecture is based on ARM and ARM64 models. It is quite hard to figure out the correct architecture for APK that you want to download on your phone or...
Backup android phone

Backup Android Phone Complete guide

It is really necessary to backup all your data present in your smartphones to some cloud storage or your PC or any external hard drive. You can lose a phone, it...
3 android apps

3 Android Apps I can’t live without and neither should you

I was sitting in a class when my friend asked me "What are the apps that I am not using and I need to check out?". I told him about the...
data privacy tips for android

Data Privacy Tips for Android Users

Data privacy is one of the major concern in this era. Reports show how everything is being monitored. Data transfer is very insecure over the internet, it can be easily read...
download Facebook on Xiaomi phones

How to download Facebook on Xiaomi Phones

Facebook is the biggest social network site in the world. Unfortunately it cant be accessed in some countries and it is not available in the App stores of those countries. One...

Download and Install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Phones

Google Play store is a significant stockpile of fantastic apps, where you can discover almost every app. It is a true blessing for the designers also, as Google Play Store is...
Top Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi 5

Top Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5 is meant to challenge the giants of smartphones market, its a new smartphone released by one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers of China. Mi 5 has claimed to...