Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android

Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android

Android has this great customization property. One of the best part of having an Android phone is ability to mend things as you like. You can change launchers, themes, messenger, file...

How to Unlock Huawei Nexus 6P Bootloader

Huawei devices are not much known in USA, If you recently got you Nexus 6P and you are wondering how to unlock its bootloader, then you are at the right place,...
HTC Nexus

HTC Scores Nexus Exclusivity for 3 upcoming years

HTC will manufacture Nexus phones once again, this report comes from a reliable source, whose sources have reported that HTC will make both versions of Nexus versions this year, the 5-Inch...

How to Fix Nexus 6 Slow Charging Problem

Nexus 6 is one of the most successful Android smartphones. Even today Android power users can't get over it. Nexus 6 was manufactured by Motorola. It has the best specification of...

Top 5 Android Launchers

Best thing about Android is its ability to allow users to customise the user interface as they like. Android launchers are a great source to change the user interface and make...
Text Messenger Lagging on Nexus 5

Text Messenger Lagging on Nexus 5? Guide to Fix it.

Text Messenger Lagging on Nexus 5 is not something new for Nexus users. Like a year before an iteration of Messenger was released which made this messenger laggy and slow. It...
Bypass Nexus 5 Hotspot block

How to Bypass Nexus 5 Hotspot block (Unlock Tethering)

If you have the $30 per month, 5 GB data, 100 minutes, pre-paid plan with T-Mobile, you won’t be able to use the tethering and hotspot capability of the Nexus 5...
Nexus 6 Camera Lag

How to Fix Nexus 6 Camera Lag

After the Android Marshmallow update, I was facing this weird Nexus 6 camera lag. Also when I was scrolling the comments on youtube my nexus 6 used to lag. I was...
3 android apps

3 Android Apps I can’t live without and neither should you

I was sitting in a class when my friend asked me "What are the apps that I am not using and I need to check out?". I told him about the...
Top 5 Keyboard Apps for Android

Top 5 Keyboard Apps for Android Phones

Android is loved for its great customization capability. It allows users to change the interface, the text messenger, file manager, icon packs and lock screen apps. Whatever you call. You get...
Fix Nexus 6P microphone problems and issues

Fix of Nexus 6P Microphone Problems

Nexus 6P is the last iteration of Google Nexus Series. It is still loved by many. Nexus 6P proved out to be the best among its peers when it was released....
Enable Charging LED on Nexus 6

How to Enable Charging LED on Nexus 6

Good thing about AMOLED screen is that it does not uses power to display the black screen or you may call it the black pixels. Google now uses an ambient display...
Decrease Nexus 6 resolution

How to Decrease Nexus 6 Resolution to Increase Battery Life

Nexus 6 is one of the finest devices in the market. With just 184 g weight and screen size of 5.96 inches, it is offering you 13 MP camera and secondary...
Cyanogenmod Categories and FAQ

Cyanogenmod Categories and FAQ

CyanogenMod is a customized operating system for several Android devices . Based on the Android Open Source Project, CyanogenMod is designed to increase performance and reliability of Android-based operating systems released...
lagging nexus 5

Lagging Nexus 5? Fix it without Factory Reset

Nexus 5 is one of the most adored phone by Android power as well as lay smartphone users. It gives pure android experience with great speed. Android OS is best operated...

Best Android Apps for Student Life

Technology is a major part of our life these days. Either it be a businessman, or an employee or student. Smartphones and technology not only plays a major role in personal...
Failed to Mount Cache (Invalid Argument)

How to Fix Failed to Mount Cache (Invalid Argument)

A year or two back, in the good old days, I was trying to wipe cache partition of my girlfriend's Nexus 5. I powered off the phone as it was taking...
Best Alternate Apps for Messenger

Best Alternate Apps for Messenger on Android

Many people have shifted to messaging apps which uses mobile network data bandwidth instead of regular texts over the network. So the developers have stopped giving much into it to make...
Ring and locate lost nexus 5 wifi stuck at turning on

How to Locate Lost Nexus 5 Remotely [Guide]

Losing smartphones is kind of the worst experience you can suffer through. It is like a part of you is lost, now that phones are such an important part of life....

Nexus Root Toolkit FAQ’s and Guide

Nexus Root Toolkit is a really handy Software and a powerhouse too, here are the FAQs and the questions I had in my mind when I first used the Nexus Root...