Nexus 6 Camera Lag

How to Fix Nexus 6 Camera Lag

After the Android Marshmallow update, I was facing this weird Nexus 6 camera lag. Also when I was scrolling the comments on youtube my nexus 6 used to lag. I was...

How to Make Nexus 5 Faster

Nexus 5 is one of the most adored Android smartphone out there. Maybe it wasn't that much popular in general public, but the Power android users loved the experience of pure...
Install android nougat on Galaxy S7

Install Android Nougat on Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the most successful phones of Galaxy series. They have the best design and appearance as compared to all other smartphones of their tier. They...
Safe Mode on Motorola Moto G4 2016

Safe Mode on Motorola Moto G4 2016

There are ways to tackle problems on Android phones, the best way is via Safe mode. Safe mode give you limited access to the phone while freezing some apps that might...
unlock Bootloader of Nexus 5

How to unlock Bootloader of Nexus 5

First lets talk about why you need to unlock bootloader of Nexus 5. Main reason is to root the devices and install custom ROMS. Although these days people prefer to stock...
Guide to install correct Google Play Services on Android

Guide to Identify and Install Correct Google Play Services on Android

Google Play services are essential for many apps to run, not only Google apps but there are other apps as well that are dependent upon Google Play services. Although, these services...
Unlimited 4K Video Recording On Note 5

Unlimited 4K Video Recording On Note 5

Yes, unlimited 4K video recording on note 5 is now possible. As it had been the earlier case of struggle with the Note, Note 2, Note 3 and the Note 4,...
Increase system partition size of S2

How to Increase System Partition Size of S2 to Install Android 7

I have had a Samsung Galaxy S2 a long time ago. It was a good phone if you want to tweak it a little and explore new things on Android. Installing...
install stock firmware on Google Pixel 2

Install stock firmware on Pixel 2 (Install Rescue OTA Manually)

Google Pixel series is loved by the Android community as it is the first one to get the latest update of Android operating system. Google Pixel series is known for its...
Note 3 Overheating Problem

How to Overcome Note 3 Overheating Problem

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an amazing phone fitted with a 5.7" inch 1080 x 1920 pixel screen, a 13 MP back camera and 3 GB RAM so no wonder Note...
Fix Nexus 6P Bootloop flash stock firmware

How to Fix Nexus 6P Bootloop Stuck at Startup

Nexus 6P is the last phone of Google's Nexus series. Even years after its release, Google still sends monthly security updates to the phone. Just this month, Nexus 6P has got...
Always on display on Android phone

Get Always On Display on Android Phone

Always On Display was introduced by Samsung on their latest flagship and LG introduced this feature on their LG G5. Always on displays eliminates the need of a smartwatch or just...
iPhone not Charging

iPhone not charging? How to fix the issue

Sometimes there happens when your Apple gadgets such as iPhone or iPad does not charge when you connect it with a charger. You do your best but still it’s not working....
Recover permanently deleted data from iCloud

How to Recover permanently deleted data from iCloud

Recovering your lost data can be tricky but iCloud offers its users restoration of data up to 30 days after the user has emptied the Trash on his Mac or wiped...
Change Country in Google Play Store

Change Country in Google Play Store Account

Sometimes you want to download an Android app from Google Play Store but due to unavailability of that app in a specific country and its app store. You can't download it....
S5 Broken Screen

How to Recover data from S5 Broken Screen

Its been sometime since the release of Samsung Galaxy S5, Many people are using it, Although its waterproof but it doesnot makes it unbreakable,Accidents never ask before coming,And if something bad...
Note 10 Issues after Android 10

Fix Note 10 Issues after Android 10 Update

Samsung has finally released the customised version of Android 10 as One UI 2 for their Note 10, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. The new OS comes with some really cool...
Flash stock ROM on Galaxy S6

How to flash stock firmware on Galaxy S6

There are times when even factory reset fails to fix any error for you. Most of the time the error is software related. Sometimes, you can't even turn on the phone,...
Install Google Play Store on EMUI 10 Huawei Chinese P30

Install Google Play Store on EMUI 10 Running Chinese Huawei Devices

Huawei has recently released the all-new EMUI 10 for its devices. EMUI 10 is based on the latest Android 10. Although, Huawei has totally revamped the look and feel of their...
iPhone not connecting to Bluetooth

iPhone not connecting to Bluetooth? How to fix the issue

If your iPhone not connecting to Bluetooth then you don’t need to worry about it. It might be some software issue which you can fix it by yourself. What if you...