Error 70 while installing gapps

How to Fix Error 70 while installing Gapps

The CyanogenMod or Lineage OS open source project does not have permission to install the Google apps (Gapps) while flashing the firmware. Before 2009, CyanogenMod came with preinstalled Google apps. But...
Get Refund of an app bought from Google Play Store

How to Get Refund of an App Bought from Google Play Store

In first quarter of 2016, number of apps and games in Google Play Store reached to 1.9 million. This is an extremely huge number of applications present on a single platform....
Google Docs

Voice commands in Google Docs to Edit & Format Documents

Voice typing for Google Docs was introduced by Google about six months ago. Now Google Docs came up with an amazing feature and moved its voice feature one step ahead. Voice typing...
Enable Touch To Search On Google Chrome Android

Enable Touch To Search On Google Chrome Android

Google Chrome on android devices offers an exciting feature known as Touch To Search, which allows the users to perform a search query without having to head over to Google Chrome...

How to Download and Use Google Maps Offline

Google Maps has been for some time a very important service for the users and it has gotten a lot better with the introduction of using it even without a Wi-Fi...