Download BBTAN on WIndows 10

Download BBTAN on Windows 10 and Prior

BBTAN is one of the most addicting game of Android as well as iOS, if you don't have Android or iOS you are missing on a great game. There is a...
Download BBTAN APK

Download BBTAN APK V 2.8 For Android or Windows

BBTAN is one of the most addicting game you will find in the Google Play Store. It is available for Android smartphones, tablets as well as iOS devices like iPhone and...

Download and Install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Phones

Google Play store is a huge stockpile of great apps, where you can find almost every app. It is a blessing for the developers as well, as Google Play Store is...
5 little known great android apps

5 Little Known Great Android Apps

There are some apps you would wish you had known about them earlier, I have made a collection of 5 little known great android apps which are not that much famous...

5 Lesser Known Google Apps

It might be hard for you to believe, but even sometimes google come up with things that don't work out as expected. We will be talking about Google apps that have...
Best Apps

Best Apps for File and APK sharing

Now days, it is very common to share files between different mobile devices via Bluetooth or other mediums in smartphones. But, in order to share apps, games or other large files...
Best APKs

Best APKs not present in Google Play Store

Almost every Android user installs applications from Google Play Store. Though, Android is much more than Play Store or Google services. There is a list of amazing and interesting APKs that...
Download whisper for PC

How to Download Whisper For PC Windows [APK]

Over 20+ million people use Whisper on their smartphone every month. The main aim of this app is to connect with people around the world anonymously. Now you can download Whisper...
Download Hill Climb Racing 2 on PC

Download Hill Climb Racing for PC Windows 10 and Prior

Hill Climb Racing is one of the most addicting and loved game on Android and iOS platform. If you start the campaign of hill climb racing you won't stop till you...
Download Sonic Dash on PC (Windows 10 and Prior)

Download Sonic Dash on PC (Windows 10 and Prior)

If you are born in 90's or before you must be fanatic about this game named as Sonic dash,I was just checking out the google play store when I found this...
Note 5 Off Screen Memo On Older Devices

Get The Note 5 Off Screen Memo On Older Devices

If you have recently purchased the brand new Galaxy Note 5, you probably have come across an exciting new feature: The Off-Screen Memo. With this feature, the users can write a memo...
Real Cricket 14

Download Real Cricket 16 APK for Android

Real Cricket is an amazing game with most realistic experience of Cricket in android. Best thing about this game is its game-play, If you have already played cricket on your Android...
run android apps in chrome

Run Android Apps in Chrome browser using ARC Welder

Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices. It is the largest mobile platform which is growing rapidly all around the world. Everyday thousands of users power up their Android devices...