Top Android Nougat tips

Top Android Nougat tips Known by Few

Android takes hold of 88% market share of smartphones. Android Nougat is the latest iteration of the operating system of Android phones. It was released with Google Pixel. And pushed to...
dm verity verification failed oneplus 3t

Fix Dm verity verification failed error on OnePlus 3T or OP3

OnePlus 3T recently got the Android Nougat update. If you upgrade it to nougat, while you have installed a custom recovery or previously you had custom ROM. And somehow you tripped...
Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

Google Play Store is one of the best thing about Android. I have compiled some Google Play Store tips and tricks that can be handy. It is a stock pile of...
download instagram on chinese phone

Download Instagram on Chinese Phone based on Android

Instagram is one of the most famous social networks. It has around 1 billion active users from all over the world. Its a social network for sharing pictures and videos with...
Features of Android Phone that are not Present in iPhone

Features of Android Phone that are not Present in iPhone

Android vs iOS is said to be biggest rivalry of past decade. Both operating systems have huge number of users worldwide. In smartphone market, every other company has to compete for...
Zoom in Instagram pictures on Android and iPhone

How to Zoom in Instagram Pictures on Android and iOS

Instagram is one of the most famous social network. From the commoners to the celebrities, you can find almost everyone on Instagram. You can follow famous celebrities and keep up to...
TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy S7 freezing

Install TWRP Custom Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Phone or Tablet

Custom recovery opens a new way to explore features of your Android phone which the stock recovery does not allows. You can perform a number of operations on your phone which...
Download Google Play Store on Huawei

Download Google Play Store on Huawei Chinese Phone

Chinese Huawei phones do not have Google Play store or any of its apps. It has its own store known as HiApp for downloading applications. China does not allow Google, Facebook,...
create backup of your text messages

How to create backup of your text messages to Gmail Account

Every messaging app has its own method of backing up the messages but we find it difficult to back up our text messages. Well, you can create backup of your text...
Best Picture Editing Apps Android

Best Picture Editing Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Pictures are considered primary part of smartphones. Well, I don't know about others but whenever I want to buy a phone its picture quality is the most important factor that I...

How to Delete a Disabled Gmail account from an Android Device

Android allows its users to add any of their accounts on an Android device. It helps the users to sync the important data of the previous device or to create a...
Transfer Pokémon Go account to new Android Phone

How to Transfer Pokemon Go account to new Android Phone

Pokemon Go, developed by Niantic, is a free location-based augmented reality game. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It was initially released in selected countries. This game...
Clear Cache Partition of OnePlus 3

How to Clear Cache Partition of OnePlus 3 or 3T Without Wiping Data

Clearing cache of an Android phone can be really helpful in fixing a lot of issues. If your phone is behaving irrational and having issues while working properly. The best way...
Remove Guest User Account from Nexus

How to Remove Guest User Account From Nexus Phones

Starting from Lollipop, Android now allows you to enter and use more than one user account for each phone. Each user can have his own settings and preferences. Each user can...
new features in the Android Nougat update

Best new features in the Android Nougat update

A few days back, Google rolled out the latest Android version. Google named this Android version as Android Nougat. This update brings you a lot of new and amazing features which...
Root LG V10

How to Root LG V10 and Install TWRP Custom Recovery

Looking to Root LG V10 to explore the number of amazing features present under the hood. Root allows you to explore system tweaks which are not readily available. I have covered...

How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F [Guide]

The only downside of rooting Samsung Galaxy Alpha is that you won't be getting the offcial over the air update from the Samsung. Well, if your phone is on Android 4.4.2....
Best apps from XDA

Best apps from XDA forums.

I was going through the XDA forums and found these amazing apps developed by creative developers of the community. These apps are the ones which I think you people should definitely...
Devices Getting Android Nougat

List of Devices Getting Android Nougat

It's time for a new version of Android, so I will be making predictions on which devices will be getting the latest Android Nougat and which will be left behind. Now, let...
Best Virtual reality Apps for Android

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android Phones

Virtual Reality is the new cool. In 2016 drones and virtual reality apps for Android and other devices are making a huge impression on the tech world. There are a number...