Best Apps

Best Apps for File and APK sharing

Now days, it is very common to share files between different mobile devices via Bluetooth or other mediums in smartphones. But, in order to share apps, games or other large files...
Locate lost android device or phone

How To Locate Lost Android Device Remotely

It has always been no fun whenever you lose your Android device, whether it is by means of it getting stolen or if you have your device on silent and apparently...
Download whisper for PC

How to Download Whisper For PC Windows [APK]

Over 20+ million people use Whisper on their smartphone every month. The main aim of this app is to connect with people around the world anonymously. Now you can download Whisper...
Install clockworkmod custom recovery on s2

How to Install ClockWorkMOD Custom recovery on S2

If you are a power user and you frequently install custom ROM on your phone then custom recovery is a must. In this guide I will guide you on how to...
data privacy tips for android

Data Privacy Tips for Android Users

Data privacy is one of the major concern in this era. Reports show how everything is being monitored. Data transfer is very insecure over the internet, it can be easily read...
Install Hill climb racing 2 on PC and Download Hill Climb Racing 2 APK for Android

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 APK for Android

Hill climb racing is one of the most famous games of mobile phones. It is an addicting and exciting car driving game. In 2017, a new iteration of Hill climb racing...
Install Custom Recovery on Android Phone

How to Install Custom Recovery on Android Phone

Custom recovery opens new ways for you to explore your Android phone. It provides you with numerous features that can not be performed from stock Android recovery. In this guide I...
Download Color Switch for PC

Download Color Switch for PC

Color Switch is available on Android and iOS. This game becomes very popular in very short interval of time. This game is very additive as there are many levels and challenges.  If...
maintain privacy on Android phones

How to Maintain Privacy on Android Phone [Power Users]

I am just trying to minimize how much of my information can be used by anyone who wants it. What apps or tactics do you use to keep your phone safe...
Error 70 while installing gapps

How to Fix Error 70 while installing Gapps

The CyanogenMod or Lineage OS open source project does not have permission to install the Google apps (Gapps) while flashing the firmware. Before 2009, CyanogenMod came with preinstalled Google apps. But...
google play store not downloading

Google Play Store Not Downloading? Fix It Now!

As much of a user-friendly platform Android is, it still is not perfect. Android has its ups and downs. Sometimes, the users end up fixing the issue themselves. One of the...
Download Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: Download on PCs

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is a fifth part of Mission Impossible series. It is an action spy film. While watching this film, you always want to be in the role. Now, one of...
How To Change Skype Password On Android

Change Skype Password On Android

Skype lets you communicate with you friends, colleagues and family members from where ever you are at any desired time. Protecting your privacy is one of the major concerns of the...
HTC 10 review

HTC 10 Review

HTC hasn’t been doing anything great in their smartphones department since HTC M7. We all were waiting for them to give something good to their consumers, this year they may do...
Cyanogenmod Categories and FAQ

Cyanogenmod Categories and FAQ

CyanogenMod is a customized operating system for several Android devices . Based on the Android Open Source Project, CyanogenMod is designed to increase performance and reliability of Android-based operating systems released...
Features of Android Phone that are not Present in iPhone

Features of Android Phone that are not Present in iPhone

Android vs iOS is said to be biggest rivalry of past decade. Both operating systems have huge number of users worldwide. In smartphone market, every other company has to compete for...
Bootloader themes Google 2015

Bootloader themes Google 2015 for Nexus 5

Google recently released a new logo and theme, Google changes its logo almost after five years, A developer on XDA developer has made some pretty cool Bootloader themes Google 2015 for Nexus...

Top 5 Android Launchers

Best thing about Android is its ability to allow users to customise the user interface as they like. Android launchers are a great source to change the user interface and make...
identify correct architecture for APK android files

Identify Correct Android Architecture for APK [arm arm64]

Android phone architecture is based on ARM and ARM64 models. It is quite hard to figure out the correct architecture for APK that you want to download on your phone or...

Google OTA update Guidelines For Nexus Devices

Last year when Android 5.0 lollipop was released it was considered one of the best operating system every developed, Now we are looking forward to Android M and we have heard...