Enable Edge lighting on Galaxy Note phones

The Samsung note series of phones is infamously known for being extremely user-friendly.  It is the perfect companion phone for people who like to stay well-oriented; because of its handy pen. I will be telling you how to enable Edge lighting on Galaxy note phones. Edge lighting is a very appealing feature introduced from Galaxy S8 onwards.

Edge lighting comes with almost all the new note phones. Of course, this does not include the last generation phones such as the Galaxy Note 3, etc. This is because, over the course of their lifetime, these phones have become quite outdated. Meaning that fewer people have this phone and even fewer people would want this feature.

Edge lighting is one of the main features of infinite display phones such as the note 10 and it is also very good with curved display phones. hence the name “edge lighting”. Do not worry because as far as you are concerned, this feature does not hinder your devices’ performance.

Edge lighting on Samsung Galaxy Phones:

Edge lighting was released on Samsung phones as a sort of notification. not just any notification though because this one is visible. Yes, it is a visible notification. Samsung accomplishes this by sending a beam of light along the edge and corners of the screen. it works in an animation of some sorts.

You can customize this light in many possible ways. Some of these include changing the thickness, colour or colours, and speed. This comes in all possible colours and includes a rainbow colour option. Make sure to choose a colour that is very visible and prominent to stand out and alert you right away.

There are many reasons why someone would need Edge lighting. Some of these would be pretty obvious such as Deaf people or people with hearing defects as it helps them by showing them the notification rather than alerting them through sound like most of us. If you have some hearing defects or something along these lines, this feature would be extremely useful for you. It also helps busy people as most of the time people do not notice key and important notifications go off and this is a kind of visual reminder or alert to them.

Edge lighting is compatible with almost all the apps, especially those which are pre-downloaded in your Samsung phone. Although, if this does not work on an app (which is highly unlikely) there are still many alternatives.

How do I enable Edge lighting on Galaxy Note?

If you want to enable this feature, do not worry, it is very easy to follow along. This could be done almost instantly as it is a built-in feature in almost all Samsung phones.

  1. Start off by pulling down the notification bar.
  2. Select brief pop-up settings
  3. There you will find Edge lighting

Another way to enable edge lighting on Galaxy Note 20 is to go to Settings Menu-> Notifications->Notifications pop up style->Brief pop-up-> Enable Edge lighting.

Now, this was the simple and easy way to do it on Samsung Galaxy phones running on UI3. If your phone is running on UI 2.5 or predecessor. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings Menu.
  2. Now tap on Display->Edge Screen->Edge Lighting.
  3. Here you can turn on Edge Lighting.
  4. If you tap on the Edge Lighting box, you can change its additional settings, such as colour or type of edge light.

If this does not work for you then don’t worry as there are plenty of other apps for this process, these apps can accomplish the same task but maybe with fewer options than the original.

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