Galaxy S10 Not detected by PC

There are times when you need to connect your phone with your PC. May it is for transferring data like pictures or videos, making a backup on a computer via Smartswitch. Flashing a firmware or custom recovery via ODIN. There can be a hundred reasons why you should be able to access your phone on your PC via a USB cable connection. For some reason, if after connecting your phone, your Samsung Galaxy S10 not detected by PC. In this guide, we will solve this issue.

The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is my favourite phone in the Galaxy S series. One would need very strong convincing in order to switch to a new Galaxy S phone or move to some other brand like Google Pixel or OnePlus. Samsung is standing tall against Apple since day one. When the other phone brands didn’t even exist. Till today, Samsung smartphones are considered among the best in the Android phone category. Million of people are using Samsung Galaxy smartphones as their daily driver, and they even update to the latest model each year. So it shows how content they are from their choice of phone.

Added: Let’s get on with the basics first. Of course, by the basics, I mean the specifications of the Galaxy S10. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 6.1″ AMOLED 120hz display. This means that the screen is 2 times as smoother as the last generation of phones. It originally comes with Android 10 but can now be upgraded all the way up to android 11 or One UI 3.0. It has 3 cameras which include one telephoto camera lens and 1 macro camera lens. The one issue I have seen is that it has a 3400 Mah battery, and as we have seen through some of the latest flagships, 3400 is just too low.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 not detected by PC:

There can be two issues while you try to make a connection of your S10 with your computer via USB cable. Either Galaxy S10 is undetected by PC. Or you get an error on your Windows computer such as: “USB device not recognized – one of the devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows do not recognize it“. The issue with both situations is that you can not access anything present on your phone via your PC. So let’s talk about its solution.

First and foremost, you need to know if the Android drivers for Windows are installed on your PC. These drivers are required for your computer to recognise the device connected with it. Usually, whenever you connect the phone with PC. The drivers are automatically installed. You don’t have to install them manually. For some reason, if the drivers are not installed on your Windows PC or Macbook. Your phone won’t be recognised if you try to make a USB connection.

  • For Macbooks; you can just download and install smartswitch from here. It is an official tool from Samsung, which can be used to manage Galaxy S and Note series phones. You can create local backups, restore backups, install stock firmware, emergency software recovery and loads more. It is just like the iTunes of Samsung devices.
  • For Windows users; if you have smartswitch installed on your Windows PC. You don’t need to manually install the drivers. If you don’t want to install smartswitch, you just want to download and install Android USB drivers for Windows. You can download and install it from here. Once installed, connect your Galaxy S10 via USB data cable to your computer. Your PC will detect your Galaxy S10.
  • If the drivers are there, still Samsung Galaxy S10 not detected by PC? It is time to check the USB port of your PC or the USB cable. Make sure you are using the original data cable to connect your Galaxy S10 to your PC.
  • Sometimes, the USB port of the computer is not working. Try to connect the data cable to some other USB port.

Some Samsung users have tried all the above-mentioned solutions still Galaxy S10 not detected by PC or Macbook. Their issue was solved with the latest software update via OTA.

I hope this guide helped you to fix the issue, if the issue still persists feel free to contact us via email or social media. If the guide worked for you. Do give us feedback in the comments.

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