Fix Wireless fast charging for Samsung Galaxy

People who spend a lot of time in the car need to keep a phone charging device in the car itself. Mostly, those who commute long to get to their workplace. Or the people who need to use their smartphones as a part of their work. For example, Uber drivers, Careem drivers, Uber eats, or lieferando drivers. Keeping a charging device for long drives is also very practical. Today we talk about the Qi wireless fast charging for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Qi is the standard for fast charging that is accepted by most smartphone manufacturers including Samsung. The Qi-compatible wireless fast charger that we are talking about can be connected with the power via a cigarette lighter port. Once connected, you can charge your Samsung Galaxy phone, or any wireless compatible device such as Galaxy Watch on the go without having to connect any cable. I personally believe that is very convenient as it’s quite old school to use wires for charging in this era. For me, using a cable in cars is not very practical, either they get broken or go missing very frequently. Wireless charging is very convenient especially when you have keep the phone in the car-holder while driving and there is a lot of driving included throughout the day.

Qi Wireless Fast Charging Issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 20:

The Issue that we are going to talk about is the one introduced after March 2021 update on Galaxy Note 20. Before the update, all the Samsung Galaxy Devices were fast charging via a Qi-compatible charger. No matter if it was from Samsung or not. After the update, the Qi-compatible fast charger is not longer fast charging, but it has been reduced to standard charging. The reason being, a charging device need to be Samsung approved in order to fast charge a Samsung phone. First, if it was Qi approved it was compatible with Samsung devices. Now the Qi-compatible fast chargers are also charging at 5W, which is standard charging power.

Another common issue with fast charging is that the wireless charger will charge for 5 seconds then stop, then charge and stop. With the latest update, they have locked all the non-Samsung wireless chargers to standard 5W charging. So the charger blinks blue, then green and then again blue again. I am pretty sure, such behaviour of charger can be pretty bad for the battery health.

As on the official Samsung Support website:

Fast wireless charging will only be enabled on devices that have been certified by Samsung and the Wireless Power Consortium. If you are using a non-Samsung wireless fast charger, check with the manufacturer or WPC homepage for the charger’s certifications.

When contacted with Samsung officialy; they just ask you to do the standard troubleshooting tips. Which don’t really work as they have locked the charging capacity at the standard voltage on non-Samsung wireless chargers.

How to Fix Qi car wireless fast charging for Samsung Galaxy Devices:

I believe Samsung not allowing third-party chargers to fast charge the Samsung devices comes in place because of some issues that were reported which could have lead to adverse effects on the health of the battery. I don’t see any other reasons for Samsung not supporting the Qi-compatible chargers for their devices.

  1. First of all, in order to fix wireless fast charging for Samsung Galaxy Devices, make sure fast charging is enabled in the settings menu of your phone.
  2. If the fast charging on your device is acting weirdly, clear the cache partition of your Galaxy Phone. Usually, it fixes all the problem.
  3. The solution that we are recommending if you want to go back to fast charging Samsung Galaxy devices including Note 20 and Galaxy S20. Is to flash the old firmware on your Galaxy phone via ODIN. You can flash the firmware which does not have this locking of fast charging from the firmware side. So anything before the March update would still work with the Qi-compatible car wireless fast charger for Note 20.
  4. All you have to do is to look, which software update introduced the reduction of fast charging to standard charging on third party fast chargers. So you have to find the firmware before the update and use this guide to flash the firmware.
  5. I understand, this is a long shot. For now, this is the only working solution. Once Samsung officially finds a solution to this issue. You can then update to the latest firmware.

I hope this guide helped you to fix car wireless fast charging for Samsung Galaxy Devices. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to drop the comments or reach out to me via social media channels.

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