Remotely Connect to a Windows Computer

I’m sure that we all have that one friend who has no idea on how to run a pc, and that’s ok because you are there to help them along the way. Although, helping someone through some kind of voice chat is hard because there is less precision and some people don’t understand. A visual aid while troubleshooting a problem can be really handy. Either you work for IT support or you are just helping someone with their PC. Having Remote access to their computer can be really Handy. So today, I will show you how to remotely connect to a Windows computer.

It can either be your friend’s computer, or someone who just need some help with troubleshooting a problem on their Windows PC. You can remotely access their screen and control their PC and devices. Which will make it super easy for them to fix any error. You will have to have Wi-Fi on both devices otherwise you will not be able to connect to it.

Remote Connection means that it will not be required for you to go to their computer to help them. Although this is very easy to do, you will have at least 10m/s or more input delay between every Action. This means that you will have to be extra patient and the person on the receiving end will also have to have some free time on their hand.


  • 2 Devices running on Windows 10 either Home or Pro version.
  • The two must have Windows 10 Home or Pro.
  • A stable internet connection is required on both devices.
  • Devices must have the latest version of Windows.

And that’s about it. Yes, that is all that is need for Remote Connection on Windows 10It is recommended that you keep in a voice call with the receiver.

Procedure to Remotely Connect to a Windows Computer:

  1. Open Quick assist on both Computers
  2. you can do this by pressing the start(windows button) and searching up Quick Assist
  3. Now you will be greeted with the screen as in the screenshot above.
  4. As you can see, you can either give assistance or get assistance.
  5. Select the one according to your role.
  6. Give Assistance: you will be given a code. Once the person on the other hand, enters this code, You will have to options. Either Take Control or View Screen, Select the one you want.
  7. Get Assistance: when you enter the code. Select Share Screen and wait.

Congratulations, You are now connected to your partner’s computer. This technique allows remote access to computers which can be really handy when you work in a team and some colleagues are having issues with their PC. Alongside, this procedure on how to remotely connect to a Windows computer can be very beneficial in the induction of new colleagues and setting up their PCs to the company network and VPN. Especially in these times, when the majority of people are working from home remote access to PCs can help managers and IT team to troubleshoot problems in the team’s computers.

Do remember that there will be high input delay between every action so be patient, Enjoy!

If you are having any trouble with Quick assist, you can seek help from the very friendly windows community here. If you have any further questions, please comment down below.

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