How to Track and Locate Lost iPhone 12 Pro Remotely

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the latest smartphones of the Apple smartphone series. All the smartphones come with cutting edge hardware and iOS 14.2 to run them smooth and smart. iPhone 12 have been a successful series because of its impressive camera. Everyone who didn’t upgrade from iPhone 8 and iPhone X thought iPhone 12 is the time to upgrade to the latest series. Although, we have reached a point in smartphones that with each new model, there isn’t a drastic change in the looks and feel of the phone. The major changes are introduced in camera, built material, along with some new features in the latest operating system. Losing a smartphone can be drastic, today we will talk about how to track and locate lost iPhone 12.

Track and Locate lost iPhone 12:

If your iPhone 12 is lost, stolen or just misplaced. In this guide, we will go through all the possible options that can help you either locate your lost iPhone or delete the data present in it so no one gets their hands on it. There are two possible ways from Apple itself that can be used to track and locate lost iPhone 12 or anyother iOS device.

  • These method also allow you to ring your iPhone at maximum volume if its misplaced somewhere around and is in silent. So you cant hear it even if you call. This feature will make it ring at its maximum volume.
  • You can also display a note on your phone that this iPhone is lost/stolen if you see it report to the mentioned number.
  • If you are certain you are not gonna get your hands on your iPhone again. That makes you skeptical and worried about the data present in it. You can delete all the contents of your iPhone remotely using the erase option in iCloud find.
There are following prerequisites though:
  • You must have enabled Find my app turned on your phone.
  • Alonside, your iPhone should be setup with an iCloud ID.
  • If you had share my location in the settings of Find my app turned on. It will allow you to track your lost iPhone even if its dead or without internet connection. This feature send your location to the people you have allowed to access your location in cases of emergency. This feature is only available in devices that have iOS 13 or above.

Now its the time to try to locate lost iPhone 12 using Find my app:

Moving on to the guide, I assume you had all the above mentioned prerequisites checked.

  1. First of all, you need to either use anoter iOS device that used the same Apple ID. Go to Settings and Find my App. You will see location of your phone there.
  2. If you didnt share your Apple ID with someone in the family. You need internet access on any device to Signin to your iCloud ID here.
  3. In iCloud Find. You will see all your devices associated with that specific Apple ID.
  4. Select your phone from the list and you will see its location on the map. If because of some reasons you can not see the location of your iPhone 12 on the Map. Most probably, its turned off or its battery is dead.
  5. If your phone is dead, you will still be able to see its last active location on the Map.
  6. You can also set an alert “Inform me when active“. If you will enable this option, you will get an email whenever your iPhone will be acitve again, connected with network or WiFi.
  7. This guide can also be used to locate your Airpods. It is very convientent to locate Airpods using this method. If your Airpods are at different locations, you will see location of one on the map. Once you find it and put it in the case. Locate again and now you will see the location of the other Airpod.

I hope the above instructions were fruitful to locate lost iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Specs and Features:

Currently, the latest iPhone in the market is of generation 12. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most expensive and loaded with amazing features and specs. The iPhone 12 Pro is of 6.1 Inch display screen. Its a Super Retina XDR screen, which is the best OLED display screen yet. Whereas, the iPhone Pro Max comes with a 6.7-inch display screen. Both are running on the latest A14 Bionic 5G processor. The front is protected by a ceramic shield. The camera of iPhone Pro Max stands outs and its the highlight of Pro max model. With a 65 mm telephoto and a new sensor-shift OIS for amazing pictures.

In the basic iPhone 12 series, there are two smartphones; iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini. They come in 5 colors, black, white, red, green and blue. The mini features a 5.4-inch screen.  If you need to phone model in mind for comparison, the iPhone 12 mini is bigger than iPhone 8’s screen which was 4.7 inch. The iPhone 8 screen size matches with iPhone SE 2020 model which is 4.7 inch. Making it the most compact and small iPhone device.

The iPhones of 12 series come with A14 Bionic chip. With dual-camera system along with an ultra-wide lens. It allows up to 5x digital zoom. All the new iPhones and iPads are running on the latest iOS 14.3 operating system. Which was released in September last year.

Thats all on how to track and locate lost iPhone 12 using iCloud and Find my App. If you have any questions regarding the guide above feel free to write to us or drop a comment below. If you know any other methods that can be used in the aforementioned situation. Do share with us.



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