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Tiktok stands as one of the most famous social media apps of this era. It has over a billion active users with most of them under the age of 30. An average TikTok user spends about an hour on the app. From the total demographics, china seems to have the biggest number of users followed by India and then the USA. Even in Europe, Tiktok is quite famous these days. Each country and region has its own content and viewership. While travelling between different countries. I have seen how much of a difference there is in terms of the content quality of Tiktok. So if you want to travel around the world and see the world from the eyes of TikTok. We bring you a guide that allows you to change country on TikTok to experience the content of other regions.

How TikTok decides the country and region for you and what type of content to show you?

First of all, we need to know how the TikTok algorithm works in order to determine your country and location. For that, we would have to dive deeper into the location triangulation algorithm of TikTok. You might have heard, VPN does not work for TikTok. VPN only spoofs the IP address and allocates you an IP address from another country. So TikTok uses GSM information from the SIM. Also, the location of your phone via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. I have tried to figure out how it gets the location. It’s coming from somewhere inside the phone, and it changes when you change the country.

For example, when I was in Germany I would get content from there. When I changed the country. I even changed the content preferences to Deutsch. I turned off the location services of the phone. Removed stored data of Google Play Services (As it is responsible for location storing and sharing). I used a VPN after removing all the data from apps that store location still somehow figures out the location and shows the content from my current country. One point to ponder is that I haven’t given access and permission to access the location services to the TikTok app.

Only Possible and Working Method to Change Location on Tiktok:

First, we will talk about the methods that I tried that didn’t work, then we tell you in details how to change the location of TikTok on iPhone and Android phone.

First talking about methods that don’t work:

  1. VPN doesn’t work.
  2. Using a phone without a sim card doesn’t help to change the country.
  3. Removing Sim card, using VPN, clearing cache and data of TikTok. As well as Google Play Store and Services does not work.
  4. Any of the method to spoof my location and change content preferences to the language of the country I want to see the content of does not work.
  5. Using TOR to triangulate the location also doesn’t bear any fruit.
  6. Taking out the sim, factory reset the phone and change the location of Google play store and phone while setting up the phone might work for a while but once you use the phone without a VPN. It will change the location to the current location. So this method is not practical.

The only method that works to change country on Tiktok:

The only method that finally worked and allowed me to see the content from Deutschland is by using the sim from Germany. Once I put a sim card from German Network Provider and I cleared the cache and data of TikTok from Settings. Sign in again into my TikTok account then It finally worked and showed me content from Germany. The same can be done to see the content from the US. You need to find a sim of some American network provider.

Change Location of TikTok on an Android Phone:

  1. Insert a Sim card from any mobile network provider of the target country.
  2. Goto Settings -> Application -> TikTok -> Storage & Cache -> Clear Cache -> Clear Storage.
  3. Now login to TikTok using your credentials.

Change TikTok Country on iPhone:

For iPhone the guide is the same, all you have to do is to put a sim card of the target country, whose content you want to watch on Tiktok. Instead of deleting the cache and app data. Delete the App and install it again. Now login with your email/phone number/username and password.

That’s all, being a computer scientist by profession. It baffles me how TikTok is determining the location of a user. Even I couldn’t figure out without a SIM where it is accessing my location with location services turned off and VPN on. This is something I would love to inquire about from TikTok developers.

Also check out: Guide to change the country of Google Play store to access apps from other regions.

I can understand that not everyone has a spare sim card from a different country. Yet if you want to access the content of different country and publish your TikToks to the audience and public or specific country. You would have to get a sim card from there. I hope this guide helped you. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments. Moreover, if you have figured out another way to change the location of TikTok do share it with us.

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