Locate Lost Offline Samsung Galaxy

Samsung offers its smartphone users a service which can be used to locate lost phones via an official service called Samsung Find My Mobile. I can understand how hard it can be if a smartphone is lost or stolen. As these days all our pictures, videos and memories are stored on the phone.

Looks like Samsung just added offline finding to Samsung’s Find My Mobile. It lets you track your phone even if it doesn’t have WiFi or cellular by using other Galaxy users. As soon as your phone receive this new feature. A push notification is sent to the users asking them if they want this feature on their phone.

The offline finding was first introduced in iOS 13. Where an iOS user can track other iOS devices without wifi or cellular network based on device clustering. Which means each device exists on the cluster with a unique encrypted device ID.

The same model is introduced for Samsung devices as well, now one can locate a lost offline Samsung phone as well as lost Samsung earbuds or smartwatch using this service.

Locate Lost Offline Samsung Galaxy Phone without Internet:

Previously, one could only track and locate a lost Samsung device via Samsung find my mobile, only if the lost device was connected to the internet via WiFI or Cellular network. Making it really easy for the thieves. They would turn off the phone after stealing or turn off its network coverage. Once the phone is turned off, the Samsung find my mobile is unable to track your lost phone.

The location of the phone is determined via GPS coordinates which are accessible from the satellite even without internet or WiFi. So if you have lost your phone or it is stolen in an area where there is no network coverage. Using this service you can still locate it. As this service uses a network cluster of Samsung galaxy devices to locate a device.

There are a number of ways one can use Samsung Find my Mobile device in order to locate lost offline Samsung galaxy phone. You can either use it on your laptop or you can install its app on any device connected to the internet. Once you log in using your Samsung account credentials, you will be able to locate any phone or earbuds or galaxy watch which is associated with this account.

To activate the offline location tracking, go to Settings > Biometrics and security. There, you can find and enable offline location tracking feature.

Steps on how to locate offline Samsung Galaxy Phone via Find my Mobile:

  1. First of all, login to Find my Mobile using your Samsung account.
  2. Once you are logged in, you will see the location of all the devices associated with your Samsung account on Google maps.
  3. Using the location on the map, you can locate your lost phone.

The pain of losing a phone or it getting it stolen is immense. It feels like a part of us is missing. As the phones have all the pictures and videos in the form of memories. Along with that, all the banking apps and credit or debit card information is also on the phones for payment.

I can understand that the chances of locating a stolen phone are slim. Using this method maybe you will be able to get it back if it’s just lost not stolen. As whenever someones steal a smartphone. The first thing they do is get rid of the sim card and turn off the phone.

That’s all on how to locate lost offline Samsung galaxy phone. If you have any questions or confusion regarding the guide above. You can drop a comment below or contact us via email or social networks

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