Retrieve data and pictures from broken S20+

Samsung has finally released the latest iteration of its flagship series. The new smartphones are named as Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 FE and S20 Ultra. These phones stand as the best when it comes to looks and specs. With delicacy comes fragile nature as well. The overall structure of the S20 series is very delicate. A fall might result in a broken screen. In this guide, we will talk about a very practical and useful hack that might help you to recover data from Broken S20 using the Samsung own Find my Mobile.

The S20 and S20+ come in 4 models whereas, the S20 ultra can be bought in either grey or black color. The size of the display screen of S20 is 6.2 Inches, S20+ has 6.7 inches screen while the S20 ultra has 6.9 inches screen. All these phones come with Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O along with 120Hz screen refresh rate.

The combinations of cameras on the back is the highlight of the S20 series. The S20 Ultra has a 12MP Ultrawide camera, a 108 MP wide-angle camera, a 48 MP telephoto camera and a depth vision camera along with space zoom, tracking AF and optical image stabilization. The Galaxy S20+ comes with a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, a 12 MP wide-angle camera, a 64 MP telephoto camera and a depth vision camera. Whereas, the Galaxy S20 5G has 3 cameras. A 12 MP ultra-wide camera, a 12 MP wide-angle camera and a 64 MP telephoto camera.

The S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra have 4000, 4500 and 5000 mAh batteries respectively. All these phones support fast wireless charging. The software supporting these phones in Android 10. Now let’s move on to the main topic of the guide.

Guide to Recover Data from Broken S20, S20+, S20 Ultra or S20 SE

Now moving back to the topic. You bought this beauty of a phone and somehow broke the screen or phone itself. Now you can not unlock it as the fingerprint scanner lies on the screen itself and if the phone is restarted it might require a passcode to give you access. If the screen is broken then it’s impossible to enter the passcode.

The problem that stops you from accessing the data even when you connect your Galaxy phone with PC is that you need to first unlock the phone to access the data on the computer. In this guide, we will try to remotely unlock your phone. So you can connect it with PC and retrieve your data. For this method to work, you need access to your Samsung account.

Follow the steps below to retrieve data from Broken S20:

  1. First of all, log in to your Samsung account on Find my mobile website.
  2. Once you are logged in. You will see the location of your Galaxy S20 on the map along with other few options on the screen.
  3. In the options, you will see the option of Unlock.
  4. Click on it, it will unlock your phone.
  5. Now you can connect your S20 with your PC using data cable in order to recover the data present in it.

Recover data from broken S20

Once you have recovered the data from it. You can use the erase option to delete all the data present in your phone before sending the phone for replacement or warranty coverage. Even if you get your phone fixed by some local repair shop. Make sure you erase the personal content present in your phone before you hand it over to someone for repair or replacement.

Recover Photos, Contacts, Notes, and Calender:

If you were using certain apps that save all your contents on the cloud. You might be able to recover the data from the cloud. It is very much recommended to backup all your data on the cloud. As any mishap, like if your phone gets stolen or it’s broken. You can always access your data and get it back on some other phone.

  • First, if you were using the Samsung cloud, you can access all your data from the cloud using this guide.
  • If you were using Google Photos instead of Samsung stock gallery app. You can access all your pictures and videos on Google Photos website.
  • All your contacts and notes can be found on Contacts and Key Note websites via your Gmail account that you used to setup Google play store on your Samsung Galaxy S20.

Once you have recovered and retrieved the data. Before sending the phone for replacement make sure to erase all the contents of your phone.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the method above on how to recover data from broken S20. Write to me in the comments or contact us via social media pages. I hope you were able to get back all your data and pictures.

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