2020 is a very unprecedented year. No one was ever ready or expected the current circumstances. Now the only way out is to get used to the new normal. Which includes spending more time at home away from any type of social interaction. Spending time away from any type of human interaction means spending more time with the digital world. Reports suggest that screen time of average individual has jumped multiple times over during 2020. So if you are spending so much time on your devices. Let’s make that time enjoyable with the collection of best apps for lockdown entertainment.

When you have to live by yourself, you better start enjoying the ride alongside. The uncertainty is so real, we cant see till when the new normal will go on. The helplessness of technological advancement has reached a point that if we don’t help ourselves in these times there’s no way out. The fact that the lockdown comes in 2020 gives us an edge that we have smartphone devices with stockpiles of knowledge and peerless connection that takes just seconds over the high-speed internet. If it was just a decade or two ago, things would have been very different.

Best Apps for Lockdown Entertainment:

I present you the collection of apps that I found really helpful during the past few months which I spent at home. The apps are equally beneficial and fun for students as well as people who are working from home.

The following apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. You can even download and install them on your Windows PC.


StartChart is a must app to have if you are into stargazing. It allows you to observe different stars, planets and constellations in the universe with respect to your location. It uses your location to place you at the exact spot where you can observe the sky exactly as you would see in the app. You can see the names and all the details of specific planets, stars and constellations.


If you are stuck at home, rather make it useful and learn a foreign language. That might be helpful for plans for travel or semester abroad that couldn’t be realised during this year. Maybe it brought you some time and you can carry on those plans next year. Grab Duolingo on your Android or iOS apps. Complete the challenges and interesting lessons to move up the ladder. You can also compete with other people who are learning a language using this app, which makes learning more fun.

Duolingo best apps for lockdown

Among Us

Among Us is one of the most famous games of these days. It is a survival game with thrilling experience which you can play with millions of other players from around the world. You can communicate with players via voice or texts during the game. Which makes it even more interesting. It is one of the best game to play with your friends while all of you are stuck at home and cant meet each other. I would place among us as the most entertaining game in the list of best apps for lockdown.

You can download and play the windows version of Among us on steam.


QuiyUp is another app that you can play with your friend and family online. It presents you with questions on the topics based on your interest. With the quiz, you can have bets and competitions with your friends. So if you and your friends have mutual topics of interest. Grab this app from Android app store or Apple app store on your device and get going.

best apps for lockdown 2020


BBTAN is a shooting game where you have to break the bricks using the balls. Rings any bells? Well, it stands as one of the best time killers. It keeps you hooked for hours while trying to reach a level after another. There’s no end to the game unless you lose. So for some losing is not an option, so you just keep on shooting. One thing to know, the angle is the key in this game.

BBTAN Best apps for lockdown

Some of the other apps that are worth mentioning include:

TikTok: It’s a constant source of endless entertainment. Before you install this app, know that it wastes a huge load of your time and it consumes a lot of mobile data.

PUBG: It is an online battle royal game. If you are into such type of gaming, you would find it really fun to play it with your friends.

Maybe its time to recall all the good games and apps that you once had on your phone and give them a shot again.

I hope you like this list of best apps for lockdown. It is my personal choice of apps that I use when I am bored these days. If you know some other apps that you believe should be in this list, feel free to comment below.

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