Recover data from Stolen Samsung Galaxy Phone Remotely


Losing a smartphone can always be pretty hard. It feels like a part of you is missing. Also, when we save all our memories and reminiscence in it in the form of pictures, videos, notes and text messages. In this guide, we will deal with all the methods that can be used to recover data from stolen Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

There are a number of services that allow you to access features on your Samsung smartphones remotely. That includes retrieving call logs, making your phone ring remotely, backup your data on the Samsung cloud, retrieve text messages, extend battery life, set guardians, track location, unlock your phone or wipe all the data present in it.

In order to use these services remotely, you need to have credentials of your Samsung Account or your Email that you used to signup on your phone. The same email that you used in order to signup on Google Play Store on your Samsung phone. Even if you don’t remember its password, you can always recover it using forget password option.

Recover data from stolen Samsung Galaxy phone:

If you have lost your phone, the first thing you need to do is to try to locate it using the Samsung or Android service, that allows you to remotely locate your phone and display its location on Google Map. You can see the full guide here. Once you have recovered the data it is recommended to wipe out all the data remotely, so whoever has your phone can not access the data present in it.

Retrieve data of your stolen Samsung Galaxy from Samsung Cloud:

From Galaxy S7 and onwards, when you get a Samsung smartphone you get 10-15 GB of cloud data from Samsung Cloud. You can save all your pictures, contacts, notes and videos on your cloud. It is mostly synced with your phone unless you turn it off. If it is synced with your Samsung phone and you have lost your phone or your Samsung Galaxy phone is stolen. You can head up to this guide and recover all your data on your PC using this guide.

This will allow you to recover all the data from stolen Samsung smartphones including pictures, notes and contacts.

If your phone wasn’t synced with your Samsung Cloud. You might not be able to see your data on the cloud using the website.

Recover data from Stolen Samsung phone using Google Photos:

Now, if you were not using the Samsung cloud to backup your data on the Samsung Cloud. There are other services that also save your pictures and videos on the cloud if you are using them on your phone.

One such service is offered by Google Photos. If you use Google Photos on your Samsung phone and it is synced with your Gmail address. Also, you have given it permissions to save all the data on the cloud. All your pictures would be saved on Google Drive. It is a cloud service for storing data and you get to save up to 15 GB of pictures and videos for free.

In order to check if your pictures and videos were synced with the cloud of Google Photos and Google Drive. Just log in on its website. Using the same email that you used to signup on your Google Photos.

Once you have recovered the data present in your stolen Samsung phone. You can head up to Samsung find my mobile or Android Find my device in order to delete all the data present in it. It is a really necessary step in order to assert that your personal data does not fall into wrong hands.

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