Recover Data from Stolen Pixel

Pixel series of Google stands among the best smartphones of this era. It has everything to stand in the lines of iPhone, Samsung S & Note Series and OnePlus phones. The thing that makes Pixel special is the stock Android operating system and a magnificent camera. Pixel phones no matter if it’s of the first generation or second, all are running on the latest Android 10 operating system. It’s amazing how Google maintains support for all its smartphones even after years of their release. In this guide, we will talk about how can you access the data that is present in it remotely if your phone is missing. Also, how can you recover data from stolen Pixel. Including pictures, videos, contacts and notes.

I can understand the pain of losing your phone. In this era, when all the memories and important stuff is stored in the phone in the form of either pictures or notes. The pain of getting your phone stolen is immense. Considering, we are so used to smartphones and we are so dependent upon them for our daily chores. Living without one seems impossible.

Important Note: If your phone is lost or stolen, make sure you delete all the data present in it remotely using this guide. You can even track its location and see its current location on Google maps using this guide. If its somewhere around the home, you can make it ring at maximum volume.

How to Access Data Remotely in a Pixel that is Missing or Stolen:

Now the Pixel is lost or stolen. What to do next? It does not matter which Pixel are you using, its Pixel 2, Pixel 3A or Pixel 4. It is always backed up with your Google account. All your Pictures, Videos, Contacts, Notes, App Data, SMS Text messages, WhatsApp data, Wifi Passwords. Everything is stored and protected in your cloud. Just make sure in the settings that you have enabled the backup of your phone and it is making regular backups to the clouds.

While setting up a new Pixel phone for the first time. You are asked a question if you want to set it up as a new phone or you want to restore a backup of existing Pixel backup. All you have to do is to select the option “Setup from existing backup”. You will get all your data back into the new phone. This is how you can recover data from stolen pixel and shift it to another Pixel. If you have another pixel that is already in use. You want to access data of your stolen Pixel on it, you can factory reset your pixel phone and when it will turn on after factory reset. It will ask you which backup you want to restore on this Pixel phone.

For instance, you don’t have a Pixel on which you can restore the data. You can access your data online using the method below.

Recover Pictures, Contacts, Videos, Contacts and Notes from Stolen Pixel:

In this method, I will guide you on how can you access your Contacts, Notes, Pictures, Videos and Notes that were present on your Pixel phone when it was stolen. There are a few constraints to it, but mostly you will come through the limitations if you were using Pixel as it was meant to be. There are a few questions that you have to ask yourself and then I can tell you if you can recover data from stolen Pixel or not.

  1. Were you using Google Photos as your default Gallery?
  2. Automatic backup was on? You can find it by going to Settings -> System -> Backup.
  3. Your Google account was linked with your phone and automatic synchronization was one?
  4. You were using Google Keep to make notes?
  5. You were using Google Default app “Phone” and “Contacts” to store your contacts and make calls.

Now if you have Yes as an answer to the above-asked questions. Congratulations, you can access your data on your laptop or on some other device using their website or web apps.

  • In order to access your Pictures and Videos: Login to Photos using your Gmail account.
  • If you want to see your notes stored in Google Keep: Login to Keep official website.
  • You can access your contacts that were synced with your Gmail account using the web version of contacts app.
  • In addition, you can even see your Search History of your phone and Location History (The places where you have been to) using the online version of Google Apps.

Recover Data from Stolen Pixel

All these apps have web versions. It does not matter if you had Pixel 2 or Pixel 4 XL. All you need is, that your account is synced with your Gmail.

Concluding remarks:

I would like to conclude with this hope that you were able to access and recover data from stolen pixel phone. In this era, when everything is backed up to the cloud. Chances are very rare that we are locked out of our data. Above all, when we are presented with such features of making backups and all. We should fully utilise these perks.

You can drop a comment below, if you have any questions or queries regarding the method above. You can also contact me on social media accounts for a quick response. Moreover, If you would like to add more to this guide. You can share with us using the comments below.

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Thank you so much for this post!!! You saved me!