Use Android for Cloud Gaming

Few people would think that Android phones are the obvious choice for a quality gaming experience. While there’re numerous fun-filled apps out there, these games tend to be very basic in terms of graphics and mechanics, if somewhat addictive too! Mobile gaming makes extortionate amounts of money, but still, most people would rather play a AAA title on a high-end PC or console.
After all, the gaming industry is now worth more than video and music combined, and its popularity is beginning to soar to even greater heights. Today, the next great strides in the industry are being made through cloud gaming. But are android phones becoming a key cornerstone of the sector when it comes to these more recent developments?

Games on phones have been there since the advent of phones. I remember when the phones were first introduced. I used to spend a lot of my time playing snake or bouncing balls game. With time there has been a lot of improvement in smartphone gaming. These days you find a number of people who are using smartphones to play games. PUBG is the most famous game on Android smartphone. It is being played by millions of people from all around the world daily. Apart from that, everyone remembers when Pokemon Go was first introduced. Everyone was going crazy after that game.

Gaming on smartphones has its consequences as well. If you play a lot on your phone. It will drain all the battery. As the games require heavy processing. The best solution for this is processing on cloud and playing on a smartphone. Consequently, here’s how to use an android for cloud gaming.

Secure a Good Connection to use Android for Cloud Gaming:

In order to use an android for cloud gaming effectively, you first need to consider more than just the device itself. This is because cloud gaming involves streaming the titles that you play. Therefore, your games are essentially installed onto a server many miles away that you do not have physical access too, and said servers do the work in running the game – your android is just a live window to the game, and not the processing power behind it.
While you don’t have to worry about graphics and suchlike, you should pay attention to your internet connection. This is the link between you and the game, so if your internet goes down, the games will too. Consequently, you’ll need to secure yourself a responsive and robust connection so that you can enjoy a smooth and solid gaming experience through your android. Consider picking up one from RS Components to get off to a good start here.

Install an App

An android phone is only as good as the apps you have installed on it. Without them, you barely even have a smartphone! You need apps to send messages, make calls and check social media, so of course, you’d need one for cloud gaming too. It’s another dimension to the experience, so you should start to make all your necessary downloads.

Gaming on smartphones can be a good option to kill time. Especially if you have nothing to do. For example, if you are traveling in a train and you have to kill time. Android games are the best solution. Or if you are waiting for someone in the car or you are outside a clinic waiting for the doctor. Instead of having weird thoughts, you can distract your mind by playing games on your Android phone.

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Companies like Verizon are currently testing their own cloud gaming apps and are edging toward a release window. Alternatively, Vortex Cloud Gaming and Hatch Cloud Gaming will get the job done too. There’s a lot of choices, so it’s important to be perceptive and thorough here. Do your own research and align yourself with the most highly rated cloud gaming app, or the one you like best for other reasons, and let the gaming times roll!

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