Google Play Store White Screen Fix

Mostly this issue arises while trying to install Google Play Store on Huawei or any other Chinese device. First of all, installing google play store on Chinese phone is not that easy. Even if you somehow manage to install it. It has a number of issues, the most common issue is that it gets stuck on a white screen and you can do anything. Today, we will talk about how to fix Google Play Store white screen while installing Google Play Store.

There are two versions of firmware in Chinese or Huawei smartphones. The international version has got Google Play Store, Google Play Services and all its apps. Whereas, the Chinese firmware does not have Google Apps or its services. Google apps and its services are banned in China due to security and privacy reasons. Chinese are really sceptical about their privacy, they have banned Google, Facebook and all other famous social networks on their soil. They only make use of services and apps that are made in China or on which they can have full control.

So if you bought your phone from China or some Chinese website, that was your first mistake. Although, it is evident that if you buy the smartphones from China like Huawei P20 Pro. They will cost you half of its actual price in Europe and the USA.

Guide on how to fix Google Play Store White Screen:

The first problem is getting Google Play Store on your Huawei phone. If somehow you have managed to install it. You will come across the Google Play Store White Screen issue. In this issue, when you open Google play store on your Chinese phone. It will get stuck on White screen. It suggests that the Play Store is not correctly installed on your phone or it is missing the important services to run on your phone.

In this guide first, we will deal with the white screen issue on Chinese phone. If the first solution didn’t work for you then we will move on to figure out the actual cause of this issue. For this, we will install Google Play Store, Google Play Services and GMS Services Individually on your Huawei Chinese phone.

The problem with Huawei or other Chinese phone is that even if you move out of China. You will not be able to install or use any Google service or app on your phone. As the firmware is developed in a way to avoid all the Google services. So if you are currently in China, you will need a proper working VPN in order to make this guide work or install Google play Store. If you went there for a visit and now you are back then you will be able to install Google Play Store and fix Google Play Store white screen.

How to install Play Store using GMS installer in order to fix Google Play Store White screen:

  1. First of all, Download GMS Installer 1.2 from here.
  2. Once installed, your phone will automatically ask you if you want to install the downloaded APK. If your phone does not prompts you. Locate the APK and open it to install it.
  3. Allow the Huawei Browser to install GMS installer app.
  4. Now give all the permissions to the app. It will ask for 29 permissions.
  5. Now click on Install Anyway. Enable Trust this app.
  6. Now the app will open. Click on One Touch Installation.
  7. You will see a prompt asking that older Google Apps will be uninstalled and your phone will restart. Tap on Install.
  8. Now your phone will ask you to uninstall Google Play Store. Let it uninstall.
  9. Once the uninstallation is finished. Your phone will restart.
  10. Now you have to install Google Play Store and other Google Apps from Huawei App Store.
  11. Locate and open AppGallery. (Its the official store for Huawei phones to download Apps)
  12. Now go to Home and search for Google Play Store in the search bar of App Gallery.
  13. You can install other Google Apps from there.
  14. Now your Google play store will work and ask you to enter your google account details. It will also download and install Google Play Services on your phone.

This method has worked for an acquaintance who is using Honor 8X on EMUI 8.

Other methods to install Play Store and fix Google Play Store White Screen:

If the above method didn’t work for you. Then you can manually install Google Play Store and Google Play Services. Using the guides below.

  • First of all, in order to download and install Google Play Store. You can use this guide.
  • For identifying the correct Google Play Services for your Huawei phone. Use this guide.

That’s all. Once you have downloaded both apps and os. Hopefully, you will be able to make Google Play Store work on your Huawei Phone. Using Google Play Store, you will be able to download all the apps you want on your Huawei phone.

I hope this guide worked for you. If you have any issues or questions. Feel free to ask me in the comments. If you have some urgent issue with your phone. You can send me a text on facebook as well. You can also give us suggestions or leads to any other methods that worked for you. If this guide fixed Google Play Store white screen issue, do let me know in the comments.

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