Clear OnePlus 6 Cache Partition

There was a time when no one really knew about OnePlus. In recent years, its popularity has gone sky high and every other person has got a OnePlus with them. OnePlus 6 stands as one of the best phone of 2018. It has an amazing camera that takes beautiful pictures. It has all it takes to stand next to the best smartphones, yet it costs almost half. If you are using OnePlus 6 and having issues with its performance or unable to update it to the latest update. You can use this guide to clear OnePlus 6 Cache without deleting data in it.

The OnePlus 6 stands eye to eye with its competitors like Galaxy S9 and Apple’s impressive iPhone X. It comes with a premium look and feel. It features a 6.3-inch edge to edge display screen. OnePlus 6 is powered by the amazing Snapdragon 845 it is the same processor that is present in the American version of Galaxy S9. You can find two models of OnePlus 6. One features 8 GB of RAM while the cheaper one has got 6 GB of RAM. Along with that, OnePlus 6 has got a 3300 mAh battery which is the same as of OnePlus 5T. It has got two cameras on the backside, one works to focus and the other one takes the picture. The combination of a 16MP camera with a 20MP camera takes amazing pictures even in low light.

Clear OnePlus 6 Cache Partition without Deleting Data:

Clearing cache partition of any smartphone can solve a number of issues on your Android phone. If your phone is stuck in a bootloop or any app is behaving in an unorthodox way. Even if you notice that your OnePlus 6 is operating slowly as it used to be. It is also lagging in the performance. Once you clear OnePlus 6 cache partition lots of issues can be solved.

The cache is there so you don’t have to load things from the internal storage they can be accessed easily and readily. There are a number of cache memories. Cache partition of your phone where the cache of your operating system is stored. Each app also has cache storage. The cache is stored when you access any feature or app. So that if you access it again it can be easily retrieved without you having to wait for the system to load it from the internal memory.

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There are times when GBs of cache gathers in your phone. It can decline the overall performance of your OnePlus 6. If it gets corrupted, it can make your phone behave in an unorthodox way.

First, we will talk about deleting the cache of individual apps. If an app is not working properly or it is crashing again and again. The best solution is to clear the cache of that particular app.

How to Clear Cache of any particular app on OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6T:

Before moving forward, you need to understand that cache is temporary and it is stored for faster loading of the apps. If you delete the cache of any app or your operating system. None of the user-saved data will be deleted. For example, if you delete cache of your messenger app or WhatsApp. Your messages won’t be deleted. Same is the case with Picture Gallery or Google Photos. If you delete the cache of these particular apps. Your pictures or videos won’t be deleted.

In order to delete cache of any particular app on OnePlus 6 follow the steps below:
  1. First of all, go to the Settings of your phone.
  2. Select Apps and Notifications in the settings menu.
  3. Locate and tap on See all apps.
  4. Now select the particular app that you would like to delete cache.
  5. In the app settings, select Storage.
  6. Here you will see two options. Tap on Clear Cache.

You can also delete the user saved data from here if needed. for example, if you will select clear data of the Facebook app. You will have to log in again on the Facebook app on your phone.

That is all on how to clear the cache of any particular app on OnePlus 6. Clearing cache of the browser is a little different. Browsers like Google Chrome store cache of each page you visit on your phone so that when you visit this particular page again it can be accessed from the cache instead of requesting the page from the server. It saves your Mobile Data Network.

Clear Browser Cache on OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6T:

With time, a lot of data is stored on your phone from the browser in the form of cache. It can take up to GBs of data. You can follow the steps below to delete cache and cookies of the browser on OnePlus 6.

You can either delete the browser cache on OnePlus 6 by following the same process above. Just select the browser app. In most cases, it is Google Chrome and clear cache and user data. It will ask you what kind of data you want to delete. Cookies, Cache and History. Delete all.

  1. Another method to delete browser cache is to go to the settings of your Google chrome.
  2. There navigate to Settings.
  3. Select Privacy and then tap on Clear browsing data.
  4. Now you can delete history, cookies, and cache saved on your phone.

That is all on how to clear OnePlus 6 cache of any particular app on OnePlus 6 without deleting any user data. Now we will move on to the next part of the guide that will allow us to delete the system cache of OnePlus 6.

Clear OnePlus 6 Cache Partition from recovery menu:

If your phone is lagging in the performance and you feel like it is getting slow. Clearing cache partition of the system can be a valuable solution to this issue. Even if you clear cache of OnePlus 6 from the recovery it won’t delete any data present in your phone. So do not worry about losing any kind of valuable data.

Now let us move on to the procedure on how to clear OnePlus 6 cache from recovery menu:
  1. First of all, turn off your OnePlus 6 and boot into the recovery menu.
  2. Once your phone is off, press and hold Volume up, Volume down and Power button to boot into the recovery menu.
  3. Once you are in the recovery menu, use the volume buttons to navigate and select Wipe Data and Cache.
  4. Now select the option that states Wipe Cache.
  5. It will take a minute or so to clear OnePlus 6 cache partition. Do not reset or do anything while clearing of the cache partition is in process. You can dismount the cache partition if you try to turn off your OnePlus 6 in middle of the process.
  6. Once clearing of cache is done. You can reboot your phone now using Reboot Now option.

Clear OnePlus 6 Cache Partition

If you have any questions or queries regarding the guide above. You can reach out to me using the comments below or you can contact me via Facebook or twitter. I hope this guide on how to clear OnePlus 6 cache partition solved the issues for you.

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