How to Use Google Photos as Default on Galaxy S9 instead of Gallery

Use Google Photos as Default on Galaxy S9

You might have heard of Google photos. It is an amazing cross-platform Android application for management of Photos and Videos. It is an official app by Google for its devices, it can be also used on iOS and Samsung devices to manage the pictures and videos. If you are using Gallery as the default app for management of pictures on your Samsung phone. You can use this guide to use Google Photos as Default on Galaxy S9 instead of Gallery.

This is a general guide that can be used on any Samsung or Android device to use Google Photos as the default app for management of pictures and videos. Google photos has a lot of amazing features that make it the number one choice when it comes to organizing the pictures and videos. It gives the user a lot of freedom. It synced with Google drive and you can store pictures and videos up to 15 GB for free on the cloud. These pictures can be easily accessed on other devices as well including computer through the browser. Apart from free cloud storage space that Google Photos offers. It has a Google Assistant as well that edits your pictures based on Artificial intelligence and gives a great look to them.

You can also organize the pictures based on where the pictures are coming from and to which app they belong. The pictures can also be grouped based on face recognition. For example, you can find all the pictures of your specific friend in one folder that is solely dedicated to him or her.

Make Google Photos as Default on Galaxy S9 instead of Gallery:

Samsung Galaxy Devices have Gallery as the default app for the management of the pictures. You might have an idea that the gallery does not offer many features. It does not have much to offer. It is not even cloud-synced and you can not use this application of some other platform. You can not even access the pictures on some other platform.

Although, Samsung offers Samsung cloud storage for its users. It is not related to the gallery. Accessing your Samsung phone pictures on a PC can be a real headache in the Samsung cloud.

In this guide, you can find a method on how to use Google Photos as Default on Galaxy S9 instead of Gallery. I think it is about time to move on to Google Photos on your Samsung Galaxy S9. As it offers a lot more options and features to organize your pictures and videos.

Use Google Photos as Default on Galaxy S9:

Before moving on to the guide below, make sure you have downloaded and installed Google Photos from Google Play Store. By following the steps below you will set Google Photos as Default app instead of Gallery on Galaxy S9, then all the pictures and videos that you will open will be previewed in Google Photos apps. You can easily sync your app with the cloud to access your pictures anywhere.

  1. In the app drawer of Samsung Galaxy S9, select Settings.
  2. On the top right corner, you will see three dots. Tap on it
  3. Select Standard Apps.
  4. Tap on Select as Default. Now on your phone screen, you will see all the apps that are set as default to open specific types of files.
  5. There look for the files types that have Gallery as the default app.
  6. Now you will see the options. Select Delete Defaults.
  7. Now go back to your phone internal storage and open any picture or video.
  8. Your phone will prompt you to select a default app for this file type.
  9. Select Google Photos.

From now on, all the pictures, downloads, and videos will open with Google Photos App.

  • You can use this guide to manage storage on Google Photos on your Galaxy S9.

That’s all from my side on how to set and use Google Photos as default on Galaxy S9 instead of Gallery. If you have any questions or confusion regarding the guide above. You can write to me using the contact us form or you can comment your query below.

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Julian kastner
Julian kastner
7 months ago

even though I have the photos app on my pixel 3a google phone and am no longer with Samsung, I still received a notice from Samsung that the gallery app on my phone will be deleted-with all my data…does that mean that I will also lose my data(photos and all ) from my photos app?? If so, what should I do to keep my photos app with my data?