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Just a few days back Samsung has released the latest smartphone of their Galaxy Note series. The latest Note machine is called Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It has nothing much new to offer and its price touches the sky. It costs around $1000. What makes it so expensive is 4000 mAh battery and 8 GB RAM. We have been seeing these specs in Phones like OnePlus 6 and Huawei P20 pro and they cost about half of Note 9 Price. If you already have got the phone, somehow lost it and now you are looking for ways to track or Locate Note 9. You can use the two methods mentioned in this guide.

The Galaxy Note 9 comes in two colors, Midnight Black and Ocean Blue. There are different versions of Note 9. The least amount of storage you can opt for a Note 9 is 128 GB or 64 GB. The full option Note 9 with 512 GB internal storage and 8 GB of RAM costs 1249€. That is way too much for a smartphone. Considering the specs it must be a beast when it comes to performance. Still, spending that much for a phone does not seems sensible when you can find a phone with almost same specs in one-third of its price. You can even find a top-notch laptop in that price, a trip to your dream destination and whatnot in that much money.

Guide to Track and Locate Note 9 Remotely:

Enough of whining about the price of Note 9. Now, let us get back to the topic we are covering. If you are looking to track Galaxy Note 9. You are at the right place. We will talk about two possible ways and services that can be used to track and locate Note 9 remotely. There are two services. One of them is from Samsung, it is called Find my mobile. The other one is an Android-based service named as Find my device. Both of these methods have some limitations, that we are going to talk about later. They serve the same purpose that is how to locate Note 9 remotely if you have lost it or can’t seem to find it or if it’s stolen.

Locate Lost Note 9 using Samsung Find my Mobile:

Samsung has a built-in feature that lets you access your phone remotely via a remote service. It offers a number of features that can be performed remotely on your phone even if you don’t have your phone with you. You just have to log in using your Samsung Account credentials and then you can have access to all the remote features. These features include an extension of the phone’s battery. Retrieval of call logs and contacts, ringing the phone at its full volume even if it is on silent. Erasing the contents of the phone if you have lost it, and you can also see its location on Google maps if your phone is connected to the internet and its location services are turned on.

Follow the steps below to locate Note 9 on Google Maps using Find my Mobile:

  1. First of all, you need to go to Samsung Find my Mobile website.
  2. Login to the website using your Samsung account. Don’t worry if you no longer remember your Samsung ID and password. There is an option to recover it. One thing is a must though, you must have a Samsung ID that you have used on your Note 9 before it was lost.
  3. Once you are in. Then you will be able to see the current location of your phone on Google Maps.

That is all, now go get your phone. If for some reason you are unable to access Samsung Find my mobile service, like you didn’t have a Samsung account on your phone, then you can move on to the next method that is below. I hope the other one will be helpful and lets you locate lost Note 9.

Track and Locate Note 9 using Android Find my Device:

Android Find my Device also has a number of useful features that can be performed on your lost Note 9 remotely.

  • You can make your phone ring at the highest volume. It is for the situations when you know your phone is around. Maybe in the cupboard or inside the Sofa but it is on silent. So you can’t seem to locate it. Like after a night of hard partying, you don’t have a clue where you left your phone, but you know its somewhere around. The Ring option on Android find my device will let you ring your phone on full volume even if it on Silent.
  • Other options include erasing all the data present in your Note 9. If you are sure that you are never going to get back your Note 9. You have lost all the hopes of recovering it. Use this method to wipe out all your details and data from your phone. It will delete all the data present in the internal storage of your phone. Including the credit card details and all. Also, all your personal pictures and videos will also be deleted.
  • You can also lock your phone using Android Find my Device. This feature will lock your phone with your prescribed password and it will display a message on the screen. Like if anyone gets his or her hand on the phone they can follow the on-screen instructions to contact the owner of the phone.
  • The last option that we are going to use today to track and locate lost Note 9 is Locate. This option lets you track the location of your phone on Google Maps. There is one limitation here as well, your phone must have an internet connection and its location services must be on.

Guide on how to Find lost Note 9 using Android Find my Phone:

For this service to work, you must have your Gmail account credentials. The same email that you used to set up your phone. When you took it out of the box or performed the factory reset. The one used in the Google Play Store.

  1. First of all, go to Android Find my Device website or download its app on some other Android phone.
  2. Log in with your Google Account credentials.
  3. You will see a number of actions that you can perform on your lost note 9 remotely.
  4. You will see the location of your phone on Google Maps just like the screenshot below. If your phone is offline, then you will see the location and time when it last online.

Track Find Locate Note 9

I hope this guide was handy to track and locate Note 9. Locating a stolen phone can be really tricky. If it’s just lost, maybe you will get it back. If it is stolen then the chances are slim. I still hope, that somehow you get back your phone if it’s stolen or lost.

If you have questions or confusion regarding the guide above or any of the mentioned method. You can write to us using the contact us form or you can let us know about your query in the comments below.

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