How to Fix Galaxy S9 Software Update Failed Error

Samsung Galaxy S9 Software Update Failed

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the latest iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Series. It stands as one of the most beautiful smartphone of this year. It has an amazing camera and it stands as one of the most durable smartphone. It is running on the latest operating system, that is Samsung’s modified version of Android Oreo. Samsung makes sure its smartphones are up to date on the software and the hardware. Talking about hardware specs of Galaxy S9 and S9+ it is a beast in performance. Considering the software, Samsung makes sure its latest smartphone is up to date all the time with security patches and updates. If for some reason your phone is unable to update to the latest OTA update. You can use this guide to fix Galaxy S9 Software Update Failed error.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ comes in different colors. Personally, I love the Titanium Gray model, but there are three others. Midnight black, Lilac Purple, and Coral Blue. Most of the specs and characteristics of Galaxy S9 and S9+ are same. There are just a few differences like the screen size. Galaxy S9+ has a display screen of 6.2 inches. Whereas, S9 has got a 5.8-inch display screen. I personally like the size of Galaxy S9, it fits perfectly into the hands and it is easy to carry. Galaxy S9 has 4 GB of RAM and the Galaxy S9+ has 6 GB of RAM. The camera really stands out in both phones, it takes really beautiful pictures.

Guide on how to fix Galaxy S9 Software Update failed error:

If you are unable to install the OTA software updates on your Galaxy S9 and getting the Galaxy S9 failed to update errors, then I have got few potential reasons for that issue. First, we will see the potential causes and then we will see how to fix these problems so you can update your Galaxy S9+.

The most common issue in downloading the latest firmware or update is the internet connection. If your internet is acting up and not running properly maybe that is why your phone is unable to download the firmware properly and pass the parity check. So, make sure you have a good internet connection.

Depending upon the size of the update, make sure you have that much free space on your phone. If it is a proper firmware update, then you will need loads of space like 2-3 GB. If it is just a security patch or some update then you don’t need much space but make sure there is ample free space in the internal storage of your phone.

Another reason for not getting the Software Updates is a rooted phone. If your Galaxy S9 or S9+ is rooted then you won’t be getting the software updates from the Samsung. Use this comprehensive guide on how to install stock firmware on your Galaxy S9. That will unroot your phone and then you will get the software updates.

If you are already done with all of the above mentioned easy solutions, then the last choice is to clear the cache partition of your Galaxy S9 or S9+. It will fix most of the software issues that are present in your phone.

Fix Galaxy S9 Software Update Failed by Clearing Cache Partition:

Clearing the cache partition will not wipe the data present in your phone. It will just delete the temporary files on your phone that might be corrupted and causing your phone to have issues.

Follow the steps below to clear cache partition, in order to fix the software update issue on Galaxy S9:

  • First of all, turn off your Galaxy S9 or S9+.
  • Now open recovery menu by pressing and holding “Volume up“,”Bixby” and “Power” buttons. Once you see Android figure on the background leave the buttons and let it load the recovery menu.
  • In the recovery menu, you will see a number of options. Use the Volume button to navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition” option on your phone.
  • Use power button to select.
  • Once the process is complete, use the reboot system option.

Beware: Do not reset or turn off your phone while clearing of cache partition is running. It can damage the operating system of your phone.

Hopefully, clearing the cache will solve Galaxy S9 Software Update failed error. If you have any questions or queries regarding the guide above. I can help you with that, just get in touch using the contact us form or the comments section below. If this guide helped you, also drop feedback in the comments.

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