Recover data from Broken Google Pixel 2 without 3rd party software


After the Nexus series, Google introduced the Google Pixel Series, where they collaborated a little with other companies for the hardware manufacturing but Software and flagship was named after the parent company Google. Google Pixel was the first iteration of series followed by Google Pixel 2 now we are waiting for the latest flagship that is Google Pixel 3 and it is supposed to be released in the 3rd quarter of this year. In this guide, we will talk about how to recover data from broken Google Pixel. This guide also works for Pixel 2 or Pixel XL.

Although, there are a number of software that can be helpful for recovering data from broken Google Pixel. I have never used any of them because I don’t trust any third party software when it comes to my private data and they are paid software, you can’t say if they are going to work or not even after paying loads of money.

Guide to recover data from Broken Google Pixel 2:

I will cover all the methods that can help to recover data from broken Google Pixel 2 without any third-party software. Before we move forward we will first look into the easy ways out that you might have tried before.

  • First, if you didn’t have a passcode or lock screen pattern. Connect your phone to your PC using a data cable. You will be able to access all the pictures and videos present on your phone.
  • If you were using Google Photos, mostly all the Google Pixel users are using Google photos to save their pictures and videos. You can access them online by going to the Google Photos website.
  • If you want to recover your notes and contacts. Log in to your Gmail address on your PC. All your contacts can be accessed by opening the Gmail account. On the top right corner next to your picture. You will see a square box it lists all the Google Apps. Locate and select Contacts. If your phone was synced with your Gmail account. You will see all your contacts there.

Most of the Google Services and Apps are connected. Even if your Google Pixel 2 is lost or broken. You can recover most of the data present in it. Like you can recover your excel sheets from Google sheets and documents from Google Docs. Even your calendar events are synced with your phone.

Few other methods to recover data from Broken Google Pixel 2 XL without any third-party app:

If the screen of your phone is blacked out but it is working properly in the backend. Then there are hopes that you can extract the data out of your phone. If the motherboard of your phone is working then there are chances that the data can be recovered from broken Google Pixel 2 or Pixel XL.

All your data is always backed up to your Google Drive if you have turned on Backup in the settings of your phone.

  • You can access these option by going to Settings -> System -> Backup.
  • Make sure Backup is turned on and your Pixel is linked to your Gmail ID link in the screenshot below.

If your phone has lock screen password or fingerprint lock then you won’t be able to access its data unless its unlock. Once the phone is restarted then you can not even use the fingerprint scanner to access the data present in your Pixel 2. This might be too late because the first thing most people do when something is wrong with their phone is to reboot the phone.

So if you rebooted your phone now if you connect it to your PC. You won’t be able to access the data present in it. One solution is to find a Pixel 2 with a working screen. Open the phone and plug in the working screen. Unlock the phone and copy the data and then you can remove the working screen and send your phone for repairing or claiming the insurance.

One unorthodox method to recover data from broken Pixel:

Another method is to use a converter box which has both HDMI and USB port. Connect a mouse and a monitor to your phone at the same time. Use the monitor to navigate through your phone while you can see all the options on the screen. Unlock your phone, upload all the data on the cloud.

That is all on how to recover data from broken Google Pixel 2 without any third-party application. If you have any questions or confusions about any of the method mentioned above, let me know in the comments. If this guide helped you to recover data from broken Google Pixel 2, do share with us it will cheer me up. I hope you get all your data back. Best of luck.

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1 year ago

Hi, thanks for sharing these tips.
My pixel display was still working, but the touch input was entirely broken. I was able to recover my data by connecting a computer mouse to the phone using the USB-C adapter which came with the phone: I used the mouse to unlock the phone and upload all photos to the cloud. Worked like a charm!

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