Share WiFi password as QR code

You might have experienced a situation when the guests come over and the first thing they ask is WiFi password. Dictating the password to each of them with the caps lock and special character can be annoying, when you have to repeat it at times. Using this guide you can share your WiFi password as QR Code on your Android phone.

The Android phone gives a user the flexibility to personalize their experience according to their liking. Now you can even share WiFi password as QR code using an app that is developed by a recognised developer at XDA-Labs. Not everyone has unlimited data plans on their phones. It is a common practice to ask for Wifi password if you go to someone place, or you join a new workplace. Even in bars and cafes, you have to personally ask for the WiFi. It can be troublesome at times. Some people even ask your phone to enter the password that can be a privacy issue for some.

This feature of sharing WiFi password as QR code can be really beneficial for the Cafes and Bars as well. They can just print the QR code on a page and hang it on the wall or print it on the menu card so the guests can just scan the code to get connected to the internet.

How to Share WiFi Password as QR code on Android Phone:

A recognized developer at XDA has developed this great app named as WiFI QR code creator. It needs root permission to access your saved Wifi information and generate a QR based on it. Which then can be used to connect to the WiFi.

Use the steps below to download and Install WiFi QR code generator app to share Wifi password as QR Code:

  1. Once you have downloaded the app.
  2. Open it. It will ask you for the permissions to install an APK. In some phones, you will have to manually give permission to download and install apps from external sources. Go to Security Settings on your Android Phone and Enable Download and Install APK from External Sources.
  3. Once installed. The app will require root access as it has to access saved Wifi passwords.
  4. Now you can generate and share WIFI password as QR code.

You can also get it printed for your cafe or bar. That is all. I hope you liked this app. If you have any questions regarding the above guide. You can ask me in the comments section.

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