Guide on how to Change Note 8 Screen Resolution

Note 8 is one of those phones you won’t regret putting your money on. It is big, it has the specs, it looks stylish and elegant. What more you can ask for in a smartphone. Note 7 proved out to be a disaster for the manufacturer. Samsung really needed to up their game with the next iteration of Note series. Note 8 has it all that makes it one of the best smartphone of 2017. It has a big screen and it gives you an option to change Note 8 screen resolution. Today we are going to talk about it.

Phones of Note Series are big so are the expectations of Samsung customers from this series. Note 8 features a 6.3 Inch Super AMOLED display screen. It comes in 3 colors and it has two versions. The international version has Exynos 8895 Octa. Whereas, in China and USA Note 8 has Snapdragon 835. Apart from these really fast processors, there is also 6 GB of RAM.

It has two cameras on the back which give really good pictures. The purpose of the second camera is to artificially blur the background or what it thinks is background. At times it does not get the calculation right and results in funny pictures. You can try out this feature with live focus mode. The battery life could have been better and the phone seems to be heavy as compared to other phones. Apart from that, I love its performance and camera result. The best thing about Note 8 is its build quality.

How to Change Note 8 Screen Resolution:

Note 8 comes with infinity display that offers great quality picture and videos. You don’t always need the highest resolution screen at all times. You can tweak your phone and change the resolution according to your like. Decreasing the screen resolution of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can result in better battery timing.

Using the following guide you can change Note 8 Screen Resolution:

  1. First of all, go to the App menu from the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  2. Now, Go to Preferences.
  3. Select Display and navigate to Screen Resolution.

You will see the following screen resolution options for your Note 8. You can select the one that seems most suitable to you. Note that the lower the resolution the less phone battery it will consume.

  • WQHD+
  • FHD+
  • WQHD+

Select the one that suits you best or you can change the resolution when you are not doing any memory intensive work to save the battery and processing power.

That’s all for now if you have any issues in the guide regarding how to change Note 8 Screen resolution. You can ask me in the comments. I don’t really think changing the display screen resolution has much effect on the battery timing of your phone. Still, it is worth a try.

I don’t see much benefit in changing Note 8 Screen Resolution. You are here reading this, you must have had some motivation to change Note 8 screen resolution. Do share with us why you need to change DPI. Your feedback will also be appreciated regarding if it is really handy to improve the battery timing of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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