Google Play Store on Huawei Nova 2

The Chinese government does not allow Google products in China because of security issues, if you are in travelling to China, there on a business trip or living there. You won’t be able to access Google play store or any other Google product or an app like Hangouts, G+ or Google Drive. This issue also exists on any smartphone you buy from China which has Chinese firmware running on it. Considering the recent sanctions on Huawei by the US government, the situation is getting even worse. The most famous Chinese smartphones are of Huawei and Xiaomi. In this guide, we will deal with how to download and install Google play store on Huawei Nova 2.

If you are using Huawei Nova 2 in China, you might have noticed that apart from Google apps, you also can not install or use other social network apps like Facebook, VK, or Twitter. Snapchat makes use of Google play services to work. So, it won’t run until you have Google Play Store and Google play services on your Huawei Nova 2.

Guide to Download and Install Google Play Store on Huawei Nova 2 in China

Well, the workaround for this issue is pretty simple, I will go through all the possible ways that will allow you to download Google Play Store on Huawei Nova 2 in China and abroad. You might have tried the other ways to get Google Play Store, the most common error that occurs while trying that is “Install core GMS package to use Google Service”. 

Moving on to the fix, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is to install a VPN app on your phone. Enable it to shift your network connection to some other country, then download Google Play Store APK and install it on your Huawei Nova 2.

There are some pre-requisites that you will have to perform or download before moving further.

  • Download Google Play Store APK from here. Or you can find the latest version of Google Play Store APK available from here.
  • Download VPN service from App store of your Huawei Nova 2. You can download any good VPN. Mostly VPNs that actually work are paid. Some VPN apps don’t work in China because the firewall is very strong or most of the firewall DNS are blocked. I would recommend you to download ExpressVPN. It has 30 days trial as well. So you can use it for free for 30 days.
  • The VPN that I used is called Robot VPN. You can download it from here. It is free.

Following is the step to step guide:

  1. Once you have got a VPN on your phone. Enable it. Make sure you have downloaded Google Play Store APK on your Huawei Nova 2.
  2. Goto Settings -> Advanced Settings ->Security ->Enable Download from Unknown Sources.
  3. You will see a warning message “this type of file can harm your device.” You can ignore it (it’s safe) and tap OK.
  4. Now locate and open Google Play Store and Install it.
  5. After that, log in using your Google Account.

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Now you will be able to access all the apps present in Google Play Store. Once you are done install it, search for Google Play Services and also install them on your phone. It is required to run some apps like Snapchat on your Nova 2.

If you have any problem accessing Play Store on your phone or if you have any queries regarding the guide above. You can ask us in the comments we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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