Galaxy S8 stuck at Samsung logo

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most magnificent smartphone you will come across. The looks and design make it peerless. The only problem with it is that the TouchWiz full of bloatware. Many people decide to get rid of it by installing custom ROM. In this process, sometimes things go wrong and you end up putting your Galaxy S8 in Bootloop. Well in simple terms you can say Galaxy S8 stuck at Samsung logo. It is also called soft brick Today we will talk on how to fix it.

Galaxy S8 comes in five different colors. It has 5.8 Quad-HD Super AMOLED screen. Which makes it perfect in size, totally comfortable to hold and use it with one hand. It is running on latest version of Android that is Nougat.

Galaxy S8 Stuck at Samsung Logo at startup? here is a detailed guide on how to fix it:

Mostly, the bootloop problem arises when there is some problem with firmware and the phone is unable to properly start the operating system. If your Galaxy S8 stuck at Samsung logo. First, follow the few easy solutions below that is wiping cache partition and factory reset. Even if that doesn’t helps. Then move to the latter section of the guide that will allow you to flash stock firmware on your Galaxy S8 to fix bootloop. Mostly, the bootloop problem is solved only by flashing stock firmware but there is no loss trying the easy method first.

  • First of all, try wiping cache partition using this guide. Sometimes there is some troublesome data in cache that is causing the problem of startup.
  • Then try factory reset from the recovery menu. Although it will delete all the data present in your phone. Whereas, the latter solution to fix Galaxy S8 stuck at Samsung logo by installing stock firmware does not deletes any data if you flash exactly the same firmware that you are currently running on your phone.

Flash Stock Firmware to Fix Galaxy S8 Stuck at Samsung Logo in Bootloop:

In the guide below we will use ODIN to flash stock firmware on Galaxy S8. This solution only works for Windows Users.


  • Download ODIN V3.12.3.
  • Download Samsung USB drivers for Windows PC.
  • Get the firmware for your Galaxy S8 from here. Mention your Model number. Match PDA of firmware with PDA of your phone. Download it on your computer and extract its contents.

Selecting the right firmware is very important. If your phone is carrier unlocked and it does not have any carrier branding then you can download a firmware of any country that is not branded. To check branding see if logo of some carrier (like Verizon or T-Mobile) appears when you reboot your phone. If your phone is not branded then you can flash a firmware of any country which is not carrier specific. Make sure you don’t flash unbranded ROM on a branded phone. Although, it is recommended to find the exactly same ROM as the one that was installed on your phone before it got bricked. If you found exactly the same ROM as the one installed on your S8. Data present in your phone won’t be deleted after flashing firmware.

Guide to Install stock firmware to fix Galaxy S8 stuck at Samsung logo in bootloop:

  1. First of all, open ODIN on your Windows PC.
  2. Turn off your Galaxy S8 and put it in download mode:
    • Press and hold Bixby button, volume down and power button simultaneously.
    • Release the button when you see warning on the screen.
    • Press Volume up button to continue.
  3. Connect your Galaxy S8 with your computer using the original data cable.
  4. If your phone is connected and detected by ODIN. ID:COM section will turn blue. If it does not changes color then there is some problem with the connection. You need to check if you have installed the Samsung drivers properly.
  5. Now click on AP tab.
  6. Select the firmware file with (.tar or .MD5 file extension) you downloaded and extracted on your PC.
  7. Make sure only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time is checked in the options. Like in the screenshot below.

Note: If the firmware you downloaded extracts more than one file then follow the three additional steps below:

  • Put the BL file in BL tab.
  • Select CP tab and select the CP file in it.
  • Select CSC tab and select HOME_CSC file in it.

Now Click on Start. Wait for around 5 minutes. Keep an eye on the log. If the flashing is successful your phone will reboot itself. If it was unsuccessful, use some other version or ODIN and make sure you are using the original data cable. Try fa or few times. It will work.

Install stock firmware via SmartSwitch to fix Galaxy S8 stuck at Samsung logo in Bootloop:

This is the easiest method to fix this issue. All you have to do is install Smart Switch on your windows PC or MAC. It is official software from Samsung to carry out a number of functions on their Galaxy series smartphones. It is your replacement for KIES.

  • Download Smart Switch from here. Open the link and navigate to the bottom of the page, download the Windows PC or MAC version respective to your computer.
  1. Install smart switch on your Windows computer or MAC.
  2. Plug in your Galaxy S8 using USB data cable.
  3. Make a backup of your S8.
  4. Click on More. It is present on the top right corner of the main screen on Smart Switch.
  5. Now Select Emergency Software Recovery and Initialization.
  6. After that, select Software Update and Initialization.
  7. Now you might have to enter IMEI number of your phone.
  8. It will now download the firmware and install it on your S8.
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions, make sure you have made a backup of your phone as this process will delete all the data present in your phone.

I have used smartswitch on Galaxy S6, now the software has changed a bit. You might have a problem finding the above mentioned options but they are present. It is still the best and effortless way to fix Galaxy S8 stuck at Samsung logo.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the guide above. If you ran into some problem while trying the methods. You can contact us using the comments below or writing us an email. If this guide helped you to fix your Galaxy S8 stuck at Samsung logo at startup in bootloop. Do give us feedback.

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8 months ago

Hi, this was very helpful. I would like to get my S8 working again without losing my data with the odin method but I am stuck on the “Match PDA of firmware with PDA of your phone” part. Can I get an explanation of this as I am now sure what the last firmware installed on my phone was. Many thanks!