7 Features Present in Galaxy S8

Samsung just released its latest flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+. Both smartphones are work of an art when it comes to display, design and looks.

Although we are comparing a phone that is 8 months younger than latest iPhone. If you care more about hardware over software then the Galaxy S8 is a far better as compared to iPhone 7. Its display and overall design is years ahead better. But if software is your focus then you should opt for the iPhone 7.

7 Features Present in Galaxy S8 but Absent in iPhone 7:

Android vs iOS is said to be biggest rivalry of past decade. Both operating systems have huge number of users worldwide. In smartphone market, every other company has to compete for the third position as first two are reserved from a decade. Users of Android and iOS both are pretty contented with their smartphones. But there is massive number of users who shift among Android and iOS. When they move, mostly people love the new experience but there are some who finds the shift hard. My first smartphone was iOS based, I was really happy from the operating system and phone. But then I had to move to Android, as I started Android application development as a profession. Moving to Android has its pros and cons. I loved the freedom and customization capability but at times It used to stuck me, that my iPhone used to perform this specific function in a better fashion.

Now lets move on the features which makes Galaxy S8 different and innovative as compared to iPhone. These are the features which Galaxy S8 can do but iPhone cant.

Bigger and Better Screen:

The S8 has Quad HD definition display screen. While only the iPhone plus has 1080P definition screen. It also has a much taller screen since Samsung Removed the home button from the S8.

7 Features Present in Galaxy S8

Iris and Facial Scanner:

Samsung is taking phone security one step further. It has introduced new innovative features that lets you unlock your device. It has added iris and facial scanning technology. The iPhone only has its Touch ID feature, which Samsung also has.

7 Features Present in Galaxy S8

Charging Capabilities:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has USB-C fast charging. It is significantly faster than Apple’s lightning connector. The iPhone doesn’t have this capability yet but there are rumours it might appear on this year’s iPhone.

7 Features Present in Galaxy S8 USB Type C Headphone Jack

Expandable Storage:

The Galaxy S8 has MicroSD slot. It allows for additional storage of up to 256GB. With an iPhone you are stuck with 32GB, 128 GB or 256 GB.

Third Party Browsers:

You cant change your iPhone’s default browser like you can on the Galaxy S8. That means all the links opened from an Apple app will always open in Safari.

Headphone Jack:

The headphone jack was gutted from the iPhone 7. Samsung kept the jack in the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. So you wont have to but a dongle or new wireless headphones.

7 Features Present in Galaxy S8 USB Type C Headphone Jack


Android allows the users to change theme, launcher,  file manager and many more. There is a lot more freedom in Android as compared to iOS. You can change almost anything you dont like. There are huge number of developers who are developing apps and ROMs that might suit your taste. And you can easily get them in your phone.

7 Features Present in Galaxy S8 USB Type C Headphone jack

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If I missed some features that are worth mentioning do fill me in using the comments section. I hope you liked the list of 7 Features Present in Galaxy S8 but Absent in iPhone 7.

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