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As much as somebody is always alert about placing or taking care of their smartphone, it is human tendency to be forgetful in times of stress and heavy workload. At such times they either misplace their smartphone or someone finds an easy opportunity to steal the phone when the owner seems to be busy. It is a near death situation when the owner realizes the loss of his smartphone and above that, he isn’t sure whether he has misplaced it or it has been stolen.

What are the ways to get back your lost or stolen smartphone device?

The answer to this question is a cell phone locator. Cell phone locators are third-party apps which are downloaded and installed in the device of the user. The main aim of these apps is to track phone location of the device pre-entered during the app registration. The other features of this app include

  • Tracking activities on the phone,
  • Making the phone ring in its loudest volume to ascertain its location,
  • Remotely wiping out the data on the phone to avoid it being handled by strangers,
  • Changing the pin to lock the phone,
  • Remotely sending the command to click pictures to catch the thief of the device red-handed.

Let us have a look at the best cell phone locator apps of 2017:

mspy app to track phone location:

best known for its accuracy and reliability, mSpy is a must have app for the year 2017. Its basic features are:

  • instant and accurate positioning and locating of the device.
  • tracking the route history of the device if known to be stolen.
  • Identifies the location of the device even with the unavailability of GPS.
  • Smart control panel which displays all the data regarding track phone location.

The link will provide more information about the mSpy app and its more awesome features.

Where’s my droid App:The best app for your android device is the Where’s my droid app. Preferably known for its variety of features even in the free version, it has more advanced features in the pro version which you can avail of by paying a fixed subscription amount. This application has some interesting features like:

  • Remotely clicking of a pic with the help of the device camera
  • Help in locating the phone by making it ring or vibrate.
  • Remotely sending SMS to the device
  • Pin protection to avoid manhandling of the phone to get important data from the device.
  • Instant notification to the user of the app about the SIM changes in the device.
  • Remotely lock the device or wipe out the data from the phone

Prey anti-Theft app:

This is an app which is compatible with not only android but IOS and blackberry devices as well. The basic version of the app is perfect for any layman who is not much into spy apps as one only has to SMS the word ‘Go Grey’ or can also log into the control panel and mark of the device as missing. Once you do so, it will provide the user with the options to lock down or capture pics or also track GPS location of the device. It has the following important features:

  • A tracking device on the map with the help of Geolocation
  • Trigger a loud alarm even if the phone is on silent mode
  • Accumulate network information from the device to be accurate about the positioning of the device.

Android lost free app:

Another really good app it has many important features that are found only in paid cell phone tracking apps like:

  • Remote wiping the SD card
  • Access to the call list of the person who has stolen the device
  • Click pictures with the help of both the front and rear cameras
  • Forward calls to a predefined number
  • Ringing the alarm at a high volume

AntiDroidTheft app:

The simplest app to work with, this app is free but is equipped with all the basic and necessary features of a location tracking app which are as follows:

  • Instant access to the position and location of the device with the help of GPS
  • Notification in case of SIM card change
  • Remotely command the phone to take pictures from the device’s camera and have it e-mailed to the user’s ID.

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