myMentos is a free to all mobile application for Android and is based on the fact that we all need mental notes, or mentos, as we think they should be called. In a fast-moving world with so much information pouring from all directions, it’s becoming normal and even fashionable to forget. Sometimes we forget very important things that we should not have. There are many applications out there to facilitate reminders, provide alarms, and cause alerts. myMentos is a similar application with a little difference as shown below.

Integration with pmAnywhere

pmAnywhere is a multi-user online web application that allows users to monitor their projects and project related documentation from anywhere. When users create reminders in pmAnywhere, they are also automatically created in myMentos application on their mobile phones.

Attach Media

A reminder does not have to have just a title and time related information. Users can take pictures, record voices or videos and attach them with mentos. They can also attach any other file like a Microsoft DOC or an OpenOffice ODF.

Attach Location

Many map applications do not allow users to save location pins. We can create favorites in some applications but they are not searchable. If I want to save the location of a spot where I pitched my tent in Algonquin park and would like to come back next year to the same location, myMentos allows to pick the GPS location from Google Maps or Nokia Here and saves it as a searchable mento with a title.

Send and Receive Mentos

Sometimes we need to send mentos to others like the timing of a neighborhood friendly football match. When we click on a mento we have created, it shows icons from where one can edit, delete, view details or send a mento. By clicking on the send icon, a list of friends pops up where one can select users to receive the mento we have created. We can also invite people in the address book to install myMentos. When someone sends a mento, it shows up as a notification and resides in a default folder called “Not accepted” till we click on it and accept it to be saved in a folder of our choice.

Arrange and Search Mentos

We can arrange mentos in default folders, named personal and business. A subscription allows to create as many folders as one likes. There are also other default folders to help organizing mentos. The folder, “Next 24 hours” will show all mentos that are due in the next 24 hours.  The folder, “Next 6 hours” shows all mentos that are due in the next 6 hours. One can also search mentos by clicking on the magnifying glass.

myMentos is surely a useful application and hopefully will be available for other platforms soon. A simple blue user interface is easy on the eye and does not require a lot of time to learn or expertise to operate. All in all it’s a useful website that can help to organize and remember all that’s worth it.

Get it on Google Play

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3 years ago

Nice Artcile
It will be nice to have a link to the website or the location on the google store..

myMentos Website

3 years ago

My mentos is a smart application that allows you to create and share reminders with friends.
I just like it !!