Disable Google Apps on Xiaomi without Root (MIUI 8)

Disable Google Apps on Xiaomi without Root

Xiaomi phones are great without any doubt, they stand out among all others of their tier in software and hardware. There are some drawbacks in the OS as well. You might have noticed that there isn’t any option to disable Google Apps on Xiaomi phones without rooting them. So, Here is a working method on how to disable gapps on MIUI 8.

People who have been using Xiaomi and Huawei smartphone always have some issues when it comes to Google apps and services. In few Xiaomi phones with Chinese firmware. You cant even install google apps or services easily as Google and all its apps and services are banned, like Google maps and hangouts. In the latest operating system of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 that is MIUI 8. There is a strange issue. In the current settings, you can not disable google apps or uninstall them. Although, there is a workaround to disable gapps on any Xiaomi phone without root.

Disable Google Apps on Xiaomi phones running on MIUI 8:

It can be really annoying when you can’t operate your Android phone as you want to. The best thing about Android is its ability to allow the user to customize each and everything according to his needs. Limitations in some features can be really frustrating. As Android is known for its capability to Adapt to changes and flexibility in the customization. Not being able to change your phone’s interface or working according to your liking can be really frustrating.

In the below guide, I will narrate how you can disable Google apps on Xiaomi phone. Following is the detailed guide with the screenshots.

  • Xiaomi phone with MIUI 8. Or any phone running on MIUI.
  • Quick Shortcut Maker App. (You can download it from Google Play Store from here.)

How to disable Google Apps on Xiaomi Phones:

  1. First of all download Quick Shortcut Maker App from Google Play Store.
  2. Once installed, open the app and enter “Installed” in the search bar and tap on search.
  3. Now, select the Settings icon with $Manage Applications Activity in Subscript. Like in the screenshot below.
  4. Tap on Create to make its shortcut on the home screen.
  5. Once done, a new shortcut will appear on the home screen of your Xiaomi phone.
  6. Open the shortcut and select the app you want to disable.
  7. Tap on Disable. You might get a warning “Disabling app might uninstall the updates“. Uninstall the updates and carry on to disable the app.

Disable Google Apps on Xiaomi without Root

Tip: If you are using Nova launcher for your Xiaomi phone. You can easily create the shortcut using a Nova widget.

Note: Be careful with this guide on what apps you disable. Removing extra and unuseful google apps should be fine but do not disable the Google app. I’ve heard people who have done so with this method and had the phone boot loop.

That’s all. I hope this guide was helpful and you managed to disable google apps on your Xiaomi phone running on MIUI 8 like Redmi note 3.

If you have any queries or confusion. Feel free to ask me in the comments. If you know of some other method to disable Google apps on Xiaomi MIUI 8. Do share with us. Your feedback and comments are appreciated. If you have another method that can be helpful to disable google apps on Xiaomi phones, feel free to share with us using the comments section.

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