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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most successful iterations of Galaxy Note series. There were two models of Note 4 released by Samsung back then. Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note Edge. Note 4 edge was the first phone with a curved display. One side of the screen was curved. Note 4 is a complete phone. People are still using it even though it was released years ago. Samsung has released 3 of its successors. Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 7 and Note 8. One of them proved out to be a catastrophe for Samsung. For the people who are still using Note 4 and they are looking for ways to speed up Note 4 by deleting cache and unnecessary files. I have compiled a guide that can help you out to improve the performance of Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released in October 2014. It has two models. One is powered by Samsung’s very own Exynos chip and the other model is powered by Snapdragon 805. Supported by 3 GB of RAM.

Speed up Note 4 by Deleting Cache and unnecessary Files:

Speed up Note 4

There are few ways from which you can speed up galaxy note 4 and make it fast like new it was when you pulled it out of the box. Android phones start to slow down with time, they need proper tuning and maintenance to get back their actual speed and efficiency.

This guide also works for other Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Clear Cache Partition of Note 4:

With time the apps and your system keep on building the stocks of cache. It’s better to get rid of it from time to time. Cache in temporary folders clog the memory and it is one of the factors that makes your phone slow.

To clear cache:

  • Go To Setting-> App Manager.
  • Select App.
  • There you’ll see Clear Cache. Tap on it.

You can clear system cache by following the steps below. Remember that deleting the cache won’t delete any of your data present on your Note 4. For example, if you delete the cache of Whatsapp it won’t delete your messages. Similarly, if your delete cache of Photo Gallery it won’t delete the pictures. Clearing cache is a great way to enhance performance and speed up note 4:

  • First of all turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  • Once it’s completely turned off. Enter into recovery menu by Pressing Volume Up + Home + Power button simultaneously. Keep on holding the buttons until you see Android figure in the background.
  • Now in the recovery menu. Locate Wipe Cache Partition. Use volume buttons to navigate to it.
  • Now Press the power button to select it.
  • After wiping the cache partition.
  • Select on Reboot system now.

Reduce the Number of Startup Apps:

There are a number of services and apps that start automatically when you reboot your phone and they are running in the background constantly consuming processing power of your phone.

There are apps which allow you to shut down these apps and prevent them from starting at every startup, you can use the app Greenify to turn off startup apps.

If you’re not sure how to reduce the number of startup apps, use this step to step guide to disable startup apps.

Delete Unwanted Apps:

The Android operating system is designed in a way that if there isn’t enough RAM to support the processing. The OS makes use of the phone’s internal storage. If your phone doesn’t have much free space. It will make your phone slow.

Even if you’re not using an app on your phone. there are some services related to it that start at startup of the phone and keep on running in the background and they occupy some portion of your phone’s RAM.

Its best practice to always keep your phone free of unwanted data. Delete unwanted apps and files that are no use to you.

  • To delete the apps that you don’t use anymore:

Goto Settings -> Application -> Look for the application that you think is of no use. Select it and delete it. If its a system app but you don’t use it. Just disable it so that it does not run in the background to use the processing power of your phone.

Use Alternate Launcher:

The last tip to speed up note 4 is to switch the launcher, you won’t believe how much difference the launcher makes in the performance. Get a lighter launcher. It will speed up the reaction time of your note 4, few of the stable and recommended launchers are as follows:

  • Nova Launcher
  • Solo Launcher
  • Dodol Launcher

See this list of best launchers for Note 4 here.

Factory Reset:

Furthermore, if you have tried everything above. Still, there is no improvement in the performance of your Note 4 then you might have to go for Factory reset. It makes your phone brand new. It is good to factory reset phone once in a while. Before you factory reset your phone. Use this guide to backup your data.

That’s all from my side on how to speed up note 4 to improve its performance and enhance its speed. If you have anything to add to this guide to let us know. If you have any concern regarding the guide above. Feel free to contact me.

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