Delete Temporary Files in Windows 10.

Temporary files are stored in the system for number of reasons. One of the most common reason for storing temporary files is to retrieve data quickly. Temporary files also includes cache of apps and operating system. After some time when their purpose is done, they are removed by the app itself. There is no harm in removing temporary files manually. It can help you recover a lot of space on your hard drive. Although, most of the apps delete their temporary files once the job is done. But there are apps which fail to delete the temp files itself. So you have to delete temporary files in Windows 10 to free space.

There are number of tools which can be used to delete temporary files in Windows 10. But you can also do that manually without any third party app. Temp files are created when the system is unable to allocate enough space for an app. So it creates a file on hard disk to store data instead of saving it on RAM. Even in print tasks, once print job is initiated. A temporary file is created which has the print job information. These files also store the session information. Although, most of the applications delete temporary files upon system restart or when you close the app. But there are times when the temp files are not deleted by the app. Like if your system or app crashes in middle of operation.

Delete Temporary files in Windows 10 to Free Space:

The process is really simple and it can result in performance boost of your windows computer.

Follow the steps below to delete temporary files in Windows 10 to recover the lost storage space on your PC or laptop.

  1. First of all, Go to Start Menu and open Settings.
  2. Now locate System. Click on it.
  3. Now on the left pane of window, locate and click on Storage.
  4. The operating system is mostly using C drive. So click on it.
  5. System will display you all the storage information of the drive.
  6. Scroll down to find Temporary files.
  7. Click on it. Now Check Temporary files.
  8. Click on Remove Files.
  9. That’s all. It’s a great way to recover a lot of space for storage.

Size of the temporary files folder can reach upto 5-10 GB. I clean it often that’s why it is less than a GB. The more free storage space you will have on your PC. The better it will perform. So make sure you keep your laptop or PC optimised. It is essential if you want to use the system for long time and if you want to maintain its performance for long time.

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If you have any issues or queries regarding how to delete temporary files in windows 10 to free space. You can ask me in the comments. Do give us feedback if deleting the temp files made any impact on the performance of your Windows 10 PC.

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