TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy S7 freezing

Tired from unexpected sudden boots on your phone? This guide will help you to fix Galaxy S7 freezing and boot issue.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the most magnificent phones of 2016. From looks, to specs and hardware. Everything about Galaxy S7 is immaculate. It has great camera result. Best thing about Galaxy S7 is its design, it fits perfectly in the hand because of its size and side curves. The screen and sides are neatly merged into each other. There are two version of Galaxy S7 and S7 edge released by Samsung. International version is running in Exynos 8890 whereas the model released for USA is running on Snapdragon 820. There is not much difference in the performance of both models.

I have been using Samsung Galaxy S7 as a spare phone from some months, it worked flawlessly till like 3 weeks back. Firstly, the phone used to hang and stop responding. I thought it must be because of some application. But Galaxy S7 freezing wasn’t linked to any specific app. The phone’s screen used to go black and then i used to reboot using power button and lower volume button.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Freezing and Boot Issue

Finally, after doing some browsing. I figured out I wasn’t the only one suffering from this Galaxy S7 freezing and boot problem. In my attempts to fix the phone, I had to factory reset my phone. I performed the reset via recovery menu, still the Galaxy S7 freezing issue wasn’t solved. Once the screen got black like before and I tried the power button and volume down button combination to turn the phone back on. But this time the phone got stuck at Samsung Logo. It was stuck at bootloop.

After many attempts, finally I figured out a way to get into recovery menu. It showed a dead android logo with yellow exclamation mark on the screen. Tried to power up the phone again but it got stuck at Samsung logo in bootloop.

In order to solve this issue, I had to flash stock ROM using ODIN. You can use this guide if your phone is stuck at Samsung Logo or it is freezing while you are operating it. And you cant seem to find any other solution. Flashing stock ROM will reinstall the stock software/firmware on your phone and it will be as good as a new phone.

Wipe Cache Partition to Fix Galaxy S7 Freezing and Boot issue:

Another friend of mine was having same issues, he got it solved by just clearing the cache partition of Galaxy S7 via recovery menu. Try the method below if you are having unwanted freezing and boot issues on S7.

  1. First of all turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.
  2. Once it’s completely turned off. Enter into recovery menu by Pressing Volume Up + Home + Power button simultaneously. Keep on holding the buttons until you see Android figure in the background.
  3. Now in recovery menu. Locate Wipe Cache Partition. Use volume buttons to navigate to it.
  4. Now press power button to select it.
  5. Once cache partition on Galaxy S7 is wiped.
  6. Select on Reboot system now.

That’s all on how to fix Galaxy S7 freezing and boot issue. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask me in the comments. If this guide helped you to fix your phone, do give us feedback. In the conclusion, I would like to ask that if you have any other potential solution to this issue, you are most welcome to share with us.

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3 years ago

Just wanted to say thanks it worked.