TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy S7 freezing

Custom recovery opens a new way to explore features of your Android phone which the stock recovery does not allows. You can perform a number of operations on your phone which are not readily available in stock recovery. In this guide, I will help you and guide you to install TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy phone or tablets.

I will cover every possible method that can be used to install TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy devices. First, there used to be two famous custom recoveries ClockworkMOD and TWRP. CWM is no longer supported by its developers. So it’s recommended that you install TWRP on your Samsung Galaxy.

Following are the features which can be accessed and applied once you have installed a custom recovery like TWRP on your Android phone:
  • You can make NANDROID of your Phone. It saves your current ROM along with all the data present in your phone.
  • You can install custom ROMs by flashing its ZIP file on your phone. You can not flash unsigned zip files from the stock recovery.
  • Dalvik cache along with system cache can be wiped using TWRP.
  • You can format your SD card using a custom recovery.
  • You can Root your phone by flashing SuperSU file.

There are a whole lot of other features offered by TWRP on Android devices.

Install TWRP Custom Recovery on Samsung Galaxy phone via ODIN

ODIN is the best tool to flash custom ROMs or recovery on Samsung Galaxy devices. It is simple and easy to use. It is also the official tool for flashing firmware on Samsung Devices. There is a small problem, it is only supported for Windows PC. It’s not that easy to use, but it is the most reliable software for flashing TWRP recovery on Samsung phone.


  • First of all download ODIN from this link.
  • Download Samsung Drivers for Windows. (Link to download file is under the main heading)These drivers are to be installed on your PC, they are essential for your PC to recognise your device properly.
  • Download TWRP recovery file (.tar.md5) according to your phone model from here.

Note: To flash via ODIN you need to download TWRP recovery file with .tar or .tar.md5 extension.

After you have downloaded the above prerequisites move on to following steps to install TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy phone:

  • Unzip ODIN on your desktop or anywhere you can access easily.
  • Install Samsung drivers on your PC.
  • Now turn off your phone and make sure its off.
  • Press Volume down, home button and power button. keep on holding these three buttons till you see download screen.
  • Now press volume up button to continue.
  • Now Open ODIN on your PC.
    • Click on AP.
    • Locate and select the TWRP recovery (.tar or .tar.md5) file you downloaded recently.
    • In the logs, you will see that your phone is added.
    • If your phone isn’t added, then there must be some error in your PC recognising your phone.
    • Make sure you have installed Samsung drivers on your PC.
  • You will see the screen as below.


  • Click on the options tab and make sure only Auto-Reboot and F.Reset time is checked.
  • Finally, click on Start.
  • ODIN will now install TWRP custom recovery on samsung galaxy phone. As the process completes your phone will reboot.
  • Turn off your phone again.
  • Now, press Volume up, home button and Power button simultaneously. This time it will take a bit longer to reboot. and the samsung logo screen will flash couple of times. Keep on holding the buttons till you see TWRP custom recovery menu.

Note: If your phone reboots and next time you get into recovery it shows stock recovery even when the flashing of TWRP via ODIN was successful. Your operating system is reflashing the stock recovery. If flashing is unsuccessful. Try some other version of ODIN.

Install TWRP Custom Recovery on Samsung Galaxy phone via ADB commands:

To flash TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy Phone via ADB commands can be a hefty process as it requires you to download Android SDK and drivers. But we are going to use a lightweight and handy tool which is going to make things very easy.


  • Minimal ADB Tool. Download it and unzip it somewhere on your PC. you can access it easily. (It’s a great tool developed by a recognised developer of XDA. Its has a number of features, we will be using it install TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy phone.)
  • Download TWRP recovery file (.img) from the official site.
Follow the guide below to install TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy Phone or Tablet via ADB commands:
  • Locate the Minimal ADB folder in your PC.
  • Move the TWRP Recovery file that you just downloaded to Minimal ADB folder.
  • Rename the downloaded TWRP file to recovery.img (In windows file extension is hidden, make sure you don’t save the file as recovery.img.img in order to avoid it Goto Start-> Search for Folder Options-> Open it-> Click on View Tab -> Uncheck “Hide Extensions for Known File Types” -> Apply and hit Okay.)
  • Now open the Minimal ADB tool. and Check if your phone is detected by ADB Minimal tool.

fastboot devices

If you see serial number or name of your phone then your phone is detected. Enter the following code to install TWRP custom recovery:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

To get into recovery after flashing TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy phone. Enter the following command:

adb reboot recovery

Flash custom recovery using TWRP Manager App:

This method is easiest, but to be honest, when I tried to install a custom recovery via TWRP manager, it didn’t work for me. Well, I am not saying it does not works, it works. But it didn’t work for me.

Note: This method requires your phone to be rooted.

  1. So first of all download TWRP Manager on your phone.
  2. Install the app on your phone and open it.
  3. Now select “Install TWRP”.
  4. Select your device from the list.
  5. Select “Install recovery“.
  6. Now reboot your phone. TWRP will be installed.

You can reboot into recovery menu using TWRP manager or via button combination power button + home + volume up while the phone is off.

Flash TWRP from ZIP file:

  • First of all download TWRP Recovery file from this link. ( Select your Device -> Go to Download Links -> Click on Primary -> Download the Latest TWRP Recovery .zip file)
  • Move the file to internal or external storage of your phone (Internal Storage is recommended).
  • Now download Flashify on your phone.
  • Lastly, open Flashify and select the TWRP recovery .zip file and flash it into your phone.

That’s all. Now Turn off your phone and press volume down home button and power button to boot into recovery menu. Flashify App requires root access to flash .img files. So root your phone before flashing TWRP using this method.

That is all. In the conclusion, I would like to request you that if you know of some other method that can be used to install TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy Phone or tablet. Do share with us. If you have any question or query. Or you have any confusion regarding any of the above mentioned method. Feel free to contact me. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Andy Ryan
4 years ago

I’d love to install this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but in not sure which version of twrp to download as there are three of them the model number of mine is GT-N8010

Andy Ryan
4 years ago

Hiya Abdullah

I have now installed the Gnabo ROM on my tablet however it keeps saying “the process android.process.acore” has stopped. I press ok but it keeps coming up any ideas??

Andy Ryan
4 years ago

Well I sorted the little glitch now it’s on the Gnabo ROM however it’s still running 4.4.2 if I wanted to upgrade to, say version 5 could I do it??

Andy Ryan
4 years ago

Any idea where I can get a zip file of version 5 from??