TWRP is a custom recovery that can be used to perform a number of functions which the stock recovery does not offer. Recently TWRP for Google Pixel and Pixel XL has been released. In this post, I will guide you on how to install TWRP on Google Pixel.

Google recently released two of its new phone which are entirely made by Google. Google claims that the hardware and software of Google pixel are assembled by them. In the past, Google used to get their smartphones manufactured by some other smartphone manufacturer. Nexus 5 and 5X was manufactured by LG. Nexus 6P was manufactured by Huawei and Nexus 6 was manufactured by Motorola. Whereas, each of them was running on Android’s latest operating system.

Install TWRP on Google Pixel:

TWRP allows you to install custom ROMs flash zip files, create NANDROID and lot of other useful features can be accomplished using TWRP. Now, let us move on how to install TWRP on Google Pixel.


  • Since this is an Alpha release of TWRP for Google Pixel. It has a few issues. Make sure all your data including pictures are backed up with Google Photos and Contacts synced with Gmail.
  • Because of File-Based Encryption in Nougat. You might not be able to restore your data from NANDROID. File-based encryption can trigger an automatic wipe of your data. Not saying it may happen to you, but it could happen to you.
  • If you are using multi-user feature including a guest feature on your Google Pixel then you should not install TWRP on Google Pixel. At this time TWRP only supports single-user setup. However, very few people have multiple user accounts on their personal phone.
  • SuperSU will not work alongside TWRP. Installing TWRP will remove root if your phone is currently rooted. Upcoming SuperSu update will ensure that TWRP and SuperSU coexist in Google Pixel.


Guide on how to install TWRP on Google Pixel:

  1. First of all, know that due to partition changes made in Android nougat for Pixel and Pixel XL. You won’t be entering the same commands as you did for other Android phones.
  2. Download and extract Minimal ADB and fastboot tool to the directory of your choice.
  3. Now download appropriate TWRP files for your Google Pixel or Pixel XL. There are two files for each Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Download Both.
  4. Move the zip file to the internal storage of your phone and move .img file to Minimal ADB and fastboot tool folder.
  5. Rename the downloaded TWRP file to twrp.img (In windows file extension is hidden, make sure you don’t save the file as recovery.img.img in order to avoid it Goto Start-> Search for Folder Options-> Open it-> Click on View Tab -> Uncheck “Hide Extensions for Known File Types” -> Apply and hit Okay.)
  6. Now connect your phone to your PC.
  7. Check if it’s connected by entering the following command
    • fastboot devices
  8. If you see your phone’s serial number then your phone is detected by your PC.
  9. Enter the following command to install TWRP on Google Pixel.
    • fastboot boot twrp.img
  10. Your phone will retrieve the TWRP image file and flash it on your phone upon entering the above command.
  11. Lastly, you need to get into recovery using button combination or by entering ADB reboot recovery command in the ADB minimal tool.
  12. Once you are in TWRP recovery menu and flash the zip file that you moved to the internal storage of your phone. It will make sure your TWRP survives a reboot.

That’s all on how to install TWRP on Google Pixel. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask me in the comments. Know that this is just an alpha version of TWRP in few days. A better and more reliable version will be released, you can wait for the stable version or you can use this version. The choice is yours.

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3 years ago


Jim La Maire
Jim La Maire
3 years ago
Reply to  zaki

Hi. Thanks for this. How do I get back to the Stock recovery?