Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Draining and Heating issues solution

Samsung Galaxy S5 is heating up after constant use and it leads to battery draining at fast rate. Well it can be fixed to a certain level without having to factory reset your phone. In this guide we will talk about all the possible means to  fix Galaxy S5 battery draining and heating issues.

Galaxy S5 was a bummer for Samsung. Although it was waterproof. But Samsung lacked the innovation in it. People didn’t like it much. But still some people are using it till date. Although it had all the latest specs of that era including specs and hardware. But it lacked in the design and looks. It was almost same as Galaxy S4.

Fix Galaxy S5 Battery Draining and Heating Issues

Moving on to the guide. First of all get rid of all the bloatware that is using your RAM and space on your phone.Remove each and every app that you dont use. You can do that by going into Settings -> Apps -> Select the app you want to remove. If its system app and you can remove it then just disable it. Otherwise delete it from your phone.

Check how much free space is present on your phone. The internal storage should have atleast 1 GB free for the proper functioning of your phone. Android operating system is designed in a way that it uses internal memory space for paging and other RAM function when the RAM is fully occupied. Get rid of unwanted pictures and videos.

See the background activity of your phone via some app and check if there is any app that is consuming a lot of app and you didn’t even install it. It can be a malware. Remove it ASAP.

Check If your phone is up to date. You can check for OTA updates by going into Settings ->About Phone -> System Update. If your phone is rooted, you wont be getting the updates.  Use this guide to unroot your phone, then you will get the updates.

Clear Cache to Fix Galaxy S5 Battery Draining:

Clearing cache is the best way to improve performance of your phone and it can be beneficial to fix Galaxy S5 battery draining and heating problems.

Note: clearing cache won’t delete any data present in your phone. It may take 10-15 minutes depending upon amount of apps present in your phone.

Follow the steps below to clear cache of your Samsung Galaxy S5:

  1. First of all turn off your phone.
  2. Now get into Recovery mode.
    • Press and hold Volume Up, Home Button and Power button.
    • When the phone restarts and it vibrates leave the buttons.
  3. Now you will be in Recovery Menu. (Use volume buttons to navigate)
  4. Use power button to select Wipe Cache Partition option.

Give it some time to wipe cache. Do not restart or try to turn your phone off while clearing cache is in process. It might take time.

  • Calibrate your phone battery. Discharge your phone completely so that it no longer turns on. Now charge it full. Do not use until it is fully charged.

If nothing works; Factory Reset your phone.

If you have tried everything above still your phone heats up and Galaxy S5 battery draining issue is still there. Then Factory reset your phone. Its the best solution to fix anything. There might be some bug in the software that is eating up all the battery or RAM that is causing fast discharge of battery. Android phone get slow after 6 months or so. A factory reset ensures to get back the required performance. Use this guide to backup your phone before you factory reset it.

If you would like to contribute to this guide. Do comment below. If you have any questions regarding how to fix Galaxy S5 battery draining and heating issues, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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Thanks. Really appreciate it.. Worked out for me.