Download Install Snapchat on Huawei Chinese Xiaomi

Snapchat was introduced a couple of years back. And in such short time, it has developed a huge number of users. Now it stands next to Facebook and Twitter. It is being used by not only the general public but also celebrities. Now you will find almost every guy or girl of the school, college or university on Snapchat. It has taken over the place of Instagram. The best thing about it is innovation. The developers at snapchat are working each day to introduce new features in the app. Over the past few years, snapchat has introduced a lot of new features. That’s why using this app never gets boring. First, it used to be famous for the stories of different countries. In the following guide. I will guide you on how to install snapchat on Huawei Chinese phone along with all other Chinese android phones including Xiaomi.

These days there is a number of new lenses introduced by snapchat that process the image at real-time and introduce new effect. Snapchat also allows you to take a picture and upload it to your story. That picture will be available for a whole day on your story and your friends can see what you have been up to all day. All in all, Snapchat is one of the must-have apps for this era.

How to Install Snapchat on Huawei Chinese Model:

A few days back, I got a Huawei P9 from China. Looked into it. It was in Chinese. Changed its language and after some time I saw there is no play store on this phone. I had to install a number of social networks. So I downloaded APK file of those apps and installed them on my phone. While trying to install snapchat on Huawei Chinese model. I came across this error “this app requires google play services“. So I was unable to run snapchat on Huawei china model EVA-Al00. After doing some hustle, at the end, I was able to install snapchat on my Chinese phone.

Guide to install Snapchat on Huawei Chinese Model:

  1. First of all, you will have to enable Unknown Sources from security settings.
  2. On your Huawei or any other chinese phone like Xiaomi. Goto Settings -> Advanced Settings ->Security ->Enable Download from Unknown Sources.
  3. If you see a message warning that ‘this type of file can harm your device.’ You can ignore it (its safe) and tap OK.
  4. Now download Google Play Store from here.
  5. Now open Google Play Store and Install it.
  6. After that, login using your Google Account.
  7. Now you will be able to access and download all the apps present in your other android phone.
  8. Search, download and install Snapchat on Huawei Chinese model.

That is all. This is simple yet useful trick which can be used to download an app of Google play store on your Chinese phone. If you are in China and you want to get download snapchat on Xiaomi or Huawei phone. Just use VPN to first change your country. then Install google play store and download Facebook, twitter or google plus. Whichever social network you want.

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If you have any question or issues regarding how to install snapchat on Huawei Chinese model. Feel free to ask me in the comments.

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Hassen Diriye
Hassen Diriye
3 years ago

Thanks from Ethiopia.

3 years ago

I bought a Chinese android j7 after downloading Google play it won’t open

3 years ago


3 years ago

How do u use VPN to first change your country?

3 years ago

I have been trying for months to use snapchat but no luck, it worked once but after that it stopped working . I have tried everything i found on the internet but none of them work
downloading google play services, google framework, google play store
putting my phone on airplane mode
resseting preferences
uninstalling and installing again
clearing data
rebooting my phone
creating new accounts… none of them work ??
. I bought my Samsung C7 from China. Can anyone please help pleaseeeeee.
Thank you!

2 years ago

Hello, I need to be able to download google play store onto a chinese phone called the Meitu M8. Will this work for that phone? I have not found anyone whose been able to get google play onto their meitu m8 =(