Unlock Bootloader of Google Pixel

Considering Verizon history, it was expected that it won’t allow unlocking of bootloader of Google Pixel. But two developers who work under the banner of company named as sunshine, managed to come up with a crack that unlocks bootloader of Google Pixel. Recently they figured out how to unlock bootloader of Google pixel. Which I will guide you in the post below.

The unlocking tool is released for free and it can be used by everyone. Many users have tried it and they have confirmed that it works. The guys behind this tool are recognised developers of XDA community. This is unofficial method to unlock bootloader and it once done it will void warranty of your phone. Although the tool is safe to use and many people have tried it already. But you should also consider the potential risk of unlocking bootloader using an unofficial app.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Google Pixel and Pixel XL:

Let’s move on to the guide on how to unlock bootloader of Google Pixel. Unlocking bootloader is essential. If you want to install custom recovery or ROM. Or you want to root your phone to access the critical functions on operating system and your phone.


Know that you will need adb and fastboot running on your Google Pixel in order to unlock its bootloader. You can achieve that by using above mentioned Minimal ADB tool.

Step to Step guide on how to unlock bootloader of Google Pixel:

  • First of all download Minimal ADB and fastboot tool from above and install it on your windows PC.
  • Once done. Move the dePixel8 file to ADB and fastboot folder.
  • Now, connect Google Pixel to your laptop or PC.
  • Open ADB and Fastboot tool from the .exe file.
  • Try adb and fastboot commands. Make sure both are working.
  • Enter the following command:
adb push dePixel8 /data/local/tmp

adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/dePixel8
  • Finally run the program by entering the following command:
adb shell /data/local/tmp/dePixel8
  • Now, wait for your phone to reboot to the bootloader. If it is not rebooting you can try to run various apps until it does, or you may have to reboot and start over.
  • Now Issue the command:
fastboot oem unlocking
  • This will open up the unlock prompt and warning on the screen. You can now unlock.
  • Lastly enter:
fastboot oem unlock

adb reboot
  • If you get an error, about unlocking not being allowed, start all over.

That’s all. Now you have successfully unlocked bootloader of your google pixel. You can now root your phone flash stock ROMs and recoveries and do whatever you want. If you have any issues while performing the above guide on how to unlock bootloader of Google Pixel or Pixel XL. Feel free to contact me via the comments below. I usually get back within some hours.

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Matt Kess
Matt Kess
3 years ago

This is not working for me at all.

I get the following
[+] starting
[+] getting there, about 20 more seconds please
[-] it didn’t work out this time :<
[-] after your device reboots, please try again

I have repeated the process 10+ times.
Purchased the Google Pixel 128 from a "NON-Retail" Verizon store
It has not been activated, has not done any OTA updates
has Build number: NDE63N
Security patch level: Ocober 5, 2016
Android version: 7.1