Its 2016, and still Note 5 is the best phone of Note series out there. Samsung skipped the Note 6 and decided to release Note 7 in its stead. Which did not prove out to be a great decision as Note 7 turned out to be a complete failure. If your Note 5 stuck at Samsung Logo at startup and its in boot loop. I have a method that will fix this problem.

As I said before Note 5 is still the best phablet of Galaxy Note series. It has good specs and it is still being used by many people who are very much contented with it. Note 5 was released with a completely new design. It has 5.7 inch screen and it features the S pen Stylus. It is running on Exynos 7420 octa-core processor along with 4GB of RAM.

After the fail of Note 7. People who are obsessed with Note series moved back to Note 5. Some people have reported that their Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stuck at Samsung logo at startup. There can be many reasons for this problem. Most common is when Note 5 fails to mount cache partition or its been flashed with wrong ROM which the system is unable to load.

How to Fix Note 5 Stuck at Samsung Logo at Startup:

Well the method I am going to use to fix Note 5 stuck at Samsung logo in a bootloop is by flashing stock ROM using ODIN. It might delete all the data present in your phone. But you will be able to use your phone again. It is also called soft brick when your phone is stuck at bootloop. Its a really very frustrating and annoying situation which I can relate to.


  • Download ODIN v3.10.7 from here. (Click on download from browser when the window appears).
  • Download Stock Firmware for your Note 5 from SamMobile. And extract it on your PC.
  • Download Samsung Drivers for Windows. (Link to download file is under the main heading)These drivers are to be installed on your PC, they are essential for your PC to recognise your device properly.
  • You will need a computer for this solution.

Selecting the right ROM is very important. If your phone is carrier unlocked and it does not have any carrier branding then you can download ROM of any country that is not branded. To check branding see if logo of some carrier (like verizon or T-Mobile) appears when you reboot your phone. If your phone is not branded then you can flash ROM of any country which is not carrier specific. But make sure you don’t flash unbranded ROM on branded phone. Although its recommended to find the exactly same ROM of same country as the one that was installed on your phone before it got bricked.

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Follow the below steps to flash stock ROM on your Note 5 stuck at Samsung Logo:

  1. Download ODIN on your PC.
  2. Install Samsung USB drivers for windows on your PC or laptop.
  3. Now turn off your Note 5 and Get it into Download mode. Press Volume Down, Power button and Home Button simultaneously. Keep on holding till you see a warning.
  4. Press Volume up button to continue.
  5. Now open ODIN on your windows PC.
  6. Connect your phone to your PC using USB data cable.ID:COM will turn blue, its an indication that your phone is connected and recognised by your PC. If your phone is not recognised. Make sure you have installed proper Samsung drivers on your computer.
  7. Click on AP or in some ODIN versions PDA .
  8. Select the stock ROM with (tar.md5 or .MD5 file extension) you downloaded from Sammobile.
  9. Make sure Only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time is checked in the options. Like in the screenshot below.

Note 5 stuck at samsung logo at startup in bootloop

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  • That’s it. Click on Start and wait for 10 minutes. Now ODIN will flash Stock ROM. Thats how to fix Note 5 stuck at Samsung logo. Your phone will reboot on its own after the flashing.

If the flashing is unsuccessful. Try again using some other version of ODIN.

That’s all. In the conclusion, I would like to offer my services if you need help with any problem  related to Note 5 or the above guide. If you have any question regarding how to fix Note 5 stuck at Samsung logo. You can ask me in the comments without any hesitation. I will get back to you as soon as possible. If this guide fixed your phone. Do drop feedback.

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Maegan Poindexter
3 years ago

I got all the way to step 8 & now im stuck 🙁 HELP PLEASE

3 years ago

What error are you getting?