Remove Guest User Account from Nexus

Starting from Lollipop, Android now allows you to enter and use more than one user account for each phone. Each user can have his own settings and preferences. Each user can customise the settings on the phone to his like. Although these settings are not of much use in phones. But if you have an Android tablet, that is in use of whole family. Then this user accounts can be handy for you. If someone asks you your phone, you can just enable the guest user account and hand them over. In this way they will be able to use your phone and you will not be insecure that he might access your private data. Now lets talk about how to remove guest user account from nexus phones.

User account feature has many benefits, but there is a flaw as well. If you create a user account. your phone will have to create all new folders and files for that user. Save the settings for that user in specific file, so that whenever he logs in. The interface, settings and logged account details are all there. All this information takes a lot of space of your phone. And to process multiple accounts, your phone also requires more processing power, leading to decrease in processing speed of your phone. Its recommended that once you are done with the guest, who wanted to use your phone. Remove Guest user account from nexus phone.

Guide on How to Remove Guest User Account From Nexus Phones:

Although the guest account is temporary, but it takes a lot of space on your phone. Guest user also has some restrictions, and he can not alter with settings of your phone. But you can personalise your interface and you can also download and use different apps and social networks. Once the guest has left. Here hoe to remove guest user account from Nexus phone

  • First of all, go to Settings.
  • Go to Device Settings.
  • Select Users.
  • Select Guest. And accept the prompt.
  • Pull down notification drawer from top side of your Nexus’ screen.
  • Tap on Users and select Remove guest.
  • Now confirm your selection.
  • Finally, your guest account will be removed and you will be able to use your nexus phone with owner’s account.

Note: Using the same method, you can remove other user accounts from your phone as well. It is good to remove unused user accounts, as it slows down your phone and occupy a lot of space.

If you have any question regarding how to remove guest user account from nexus phone. Feel free to contact me in the comments. You can also discuss user accounts feature with us and our readers in the comments below. Additionally, you can read more about how to manage user accounts from here.

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