The only downside of rooting Samsung Galaxy Alpha is that you won’t be getting the offcial over the air update from the Samsung. Well, if your phone is on Android 4.4.2. And you are unable to get the latest version for your phone that is Android 5.0.2. Just because your phone is rooted. In this guide, I will guide you how to unroot Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F.

I recently got Galaxy Alpha. Considering its great specs and design and it was released like 2-3 years ago. I was surprised that, it is still on Android 4.4.2. Then I released that it is rooted that’s why it didn’t get Android 5.0.2. The most easy and clean fix to unroot Samsung Galaxy Alpha is to flash clean stock firmware. So I flashed Android 5.0.2 using Odin on my phone and now its on Android 5.0.2. Its always great to update. New operating system is always better than the last one. Now I have unrooted Samsung Galaxy Alpha and I am enjoying the stock interface.

You can always root it again once you have updated your Samsung Alpha to Android 5.0.2. Because its the latest operating system it is going to get. Samsung has stopped releasing further updates for it. You can also use this guide if you never got the official update from Samsung on your Alpha. Now lets move on to our guide.

How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F

The procedure that we are going to use to unroot Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F requires flashing stock ROM via ODIN. I have mentioned step to step guide for noobs in this post. Just follow the steps and you are good to go.

Well the whole process is to install the operating system/software or you may call it Android on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha again. As now this phone is getting only Android 5.0.2. So we are going to flash it.

Note: This guide will work as a solution for many problemsL If your phone is stuck at bootloop. or if your Samsung Galaxy Alpha is stuck at Samsung logo at startup. It is a general guide to flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Alternative and easy method to Unroot Galaxy Alpha:

Before you move on to the method below. You can easily unroot your phone if you rooted it by flashing SuperSU. If you rooted your phone with some other rooting tool like kingo root then you might have to unroot your Galaxy Alpha the hard way that is mentioned below in order to get OTA updates.

Now in order to unroot Galaxy Alpha, follow the steps below:

  • First of all open SuperSu on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
  • Locate Full Unroot.
  • Unroot Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850FTap on it. You will get a warning that if unrooting succeeds. The app will close itself.
  • Give it 2 minutes or so and then reboot your phone.


  • This guide is only for Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F. If your model number is different then download the firmware accordingly. Apart from that the flashing method is all same for Samsung devices.
  • First of all, check model number and conform to your Samsung Galaxy Alpha SM-G850 model.
  • You will require a windows computer for this guide to work.
  • Disable KIES on your PC or Computer.
  • Windows Defender does not have any problem with ODIN and Flashing. If you have a nosy antivirus. Stop it, as it might try to interfere with flashing process.
  • Enable USB Debugging: Goto Settings-> Select About Phone -> Locate Build number and tap it 7 times. Head back to settings page and locate Developers Options -> Enable USB debugging.
  • If your phone is on Custom ROM or Stock Android Kitkat. Data present in your phone will not be deleted. Although to be on the safe side. Backup all of your data using this guide.
  • Check your phone’s charging. It must be over 50%.

Required Downloads:

  • Now, download and install Samsung USB drivers on your Computer. These drivers are necessary for your computer to recognise your phone. (go to the link, just under the date and main heading you will find the link to download the drivers. Its a zip file.)
  • Also, you will have to download ODIN V3.11.1. And unzip in on your computer. It is the software that will install Android 5.0.2 on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
  • Download Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850. And Unzip it in your Computer.
    • Here you have to match PDA and CSC or your phone with firmware’s. If your phone is unbranded then PDA and CSC don’t matter much. Just select a unbranded ROM and download it. PDA is mentioned in Settings -> About Device and Build Number. The alphabets after the full stop is PDA.
    • If you bought your phone is England, then you can download the unbranded ROM for England from Sammobile. But if your phone is branded like its of verizon or T-mobile. Then you must install the firmware respective to that brand.  Then you must match the country as well. For Instance. You live in UK and your phone is carrier based and its carrier is T-Mobile and your phone doesnot works on any carrier expect T-mobile. Then you must download Android 5.0.2 for UK T-Mobile.
    • To download the ROM. You will have to make account of Sammobile. You can get firmware for your phone from other sites as well. But Sammobile is most authentic site for downloading firmwares for Samsung mobiles.

Guide on How to Flash Stock Android to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F:

I hope you guys are with me till here. You have coped up to each precaution and you have downloaded the files. Then lets move forward. If you think this guide is too much for you and you are non technical person. Then you can contact me. I can personally take out time to help you out with any issue or to unroot Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F.

  1. First of all, unzip the firmware. Unzip the ODIN and Install the Samsung Drivers on your PC. then move forward.
  2. Now open ODIN on your PC.
  3. Put your phone into download mode. Turn it off. Press Volume down + Home button + Power button. Keep on holding the buttons till you see warning. then press volume up button to continue.
  4. Once your phone is in download mode, connect it to your computer using USB. Now you will notice ID:COM on ODIN will turn to blue. Its an indication that your phone is connected to your PC and it is recognised.
  5. Now Click on AP or in some Odin’s its PDA and select the firmware that you downloaded. Give Odin few minutes to check MD5 of firmware. In the options, make sure only F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot  are checked like in the screenshot.unroot-samsung-galaxy-alpha-odin-flash-stock-firmware
  6. Finally, click on Start and wait for around 10 minutes. Samsung Galaxy Alpha will reboot after flashing.

Now, Phone will be flashed on Android 5.0.2. And it will take some time to reboot on its first time. Once done, your phone will be on stock firmware and it’s an indication that you were successful to unroot Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F.

Note: After flashing ROM. When the phone boots up for the first time it takes around 10 minutes. So hold on. Dont restart or remove its battery while its preparing to start for the first time.

In the conclusion, I would like to say if you have any confusion or queries regarding the guide above on how to unroot Samsung galaxy Alpha G850F. Feel free to ask me in the comments or contact us. I tried my best to write this guide in simple and comprehensive manner.

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Asad malik
4 years ago

I unroofed my alpha and then restarted after restarting its not proceeding from Samsung logo…. What should I do