Lost your all new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and scared that your personal stuff will get in wrong hands? Well, I have got two methods which will allow you to track and locate lost Note 7 remotely without using any third party software.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the latest phablet of Note series. It is one of the most stunning phone in design. Its edges are breathtaking. Although, its screen size is 5.7 inch, but its round edges makes it very comfortable to hold it in hand. It is successor of Note 5. I cant understand why people are comparing it with Samsung Galaxy S7. If you bought the S7 recently, Note 7 is not a update for you. Its for the people who cant live without S-Pen. And they are very much dependent upon it. To consider Note 5 as its predecessor, Samsung have introduced a lot of new features in Galaxy Note 7. One of the most prominent new feature is Iris scanner, which scans your eye to unlock your Note 7.

Moving back to the problem, for which you are here. Losing the phone can be really a nightmare. It gets worse, when you realise that you didn’t even have backup of your pictures, contacts and all.

When a phone is lost. There are two conditions, either it is actully stolen or it is present somewhere around or someone is just hiding it from you for fun. For both conditions we have a solution. If your phone is actully lost, you can lock it and track its current location. If someone is hiding your phone or its somewhere nearby but silent. You can make it ring. There are two services that can help you track and locate lost Note 7. All you need is internet connection and a smartphone or PC.

Guide on How to Track and Locate Lost Note 7

There are two methods that we are going to cover in this guide. First method uses Android Device Manager to track and locate Note 7 and the second method uses Samsung’s Find my Mobile. If one of them does not works for you. You can always try the other one. I am hopeful at the end of this guide. You will be able to track your Note 7 or actully get back your phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is very expensive and valuable phone. I can relate how you must be feeling right now.

Method 1 to Locate lost Note 7 via Android device Manager:

Android device manager is a service by Google for every Android phone. It allows you to perform number of features on your phone remotely, even when you don’t have access of your phone. You can operate your phone to some extent using Android device manager. It has three basic features that are as follows:

  • Android Device Manager allows you to locate your device and pinpoint to its location on Google Map. It pretty much solves your problem if you want to locate lost Note 7. The problem is that it uses internet connection to perform this action. So if your phone is off or out of reach of internet. Then it will display its last online location and time along with date.
  • Ring: You can make your Note 7 ring using Android device manager. For Instance, you have lost your Note 7 at your home, in between sofas or somewhere. And to make it worse. Your phone is silent, so even if you call, you are unable to locate it. This feature will make your Note 7 ring even if its on silent.
  • Lock: You can also lock your phone with a new passcode and display a custom message on its screen. Like “Hey This phone is lost kindly contact on this number to give it back”. So if some good person finds your phone, who has no intention to steal your lost phone. He can read that message and get back to you.
  • Wipe: Once you are sure that your phone is stolen and you have given up on every hope. Last thing you can do is to wipe your note 7 remotely. So your pictures and data don’t get into hands of some stranger.

Note: You can also download Android device Manager app from Google play store and use it to locate your lost Note 7.

To Locate lost Note 7 using android device manager follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Android device Manager using the same email address that you used on your Note 7 to download from Google Play Store or the one you used for contacts or emails.
  2. Once you are there. You will see your phone’s location on Google Maps.
  3. Along with that you will see other options. Including Lock, Ring and Wipe.
Android Device Manager allows you to remotely perform number of features that can help you to track and locate lost Note 7

This method will only work if you had your google account logged into your Note 7 before it was lost. If you were unsuccessful in retrieving your phone’s location. Then you can try your luck with the other method that is below.

Method 2 to Track and Locate Lost Note 7 using Samsung’s Find my Mobile:

Well lets move on to your last hope and my 2nd method to help you locate lost Note 7. This method requires you to have Samsung’s account. You can locate your Note 7 and perform number of steps on your lost Galaxy Note remotely. Few notable features of Samsung Find my Mobile are following:

  • You can use this service to Retrieve Call logs.
  • Wipe Note 7 Remotely.
  • Extend Battery Life.
  • Lock Note 7.
  • Ring it.

Following is how you can locate Note 7 using Samsung’s find my mobile:

  1. First of all go to official site of Samsung Find my Mobile.
  2. Login using your Samsung Account. If you don’t remember its credentials. Use recover my password/account to get back your username and password.
  3. Once done. Log in. You will see your phone’s location on the Map.


That’s all. In the conclusion. I would like to give you all the luck, so that you can find and locate lost note 7. If you were successful in locating your Galaxy Note 7 using any of the above methods. Do let me know, it would really cheer me up. Drop a comment below if you are confused or you have any question regarding the above guide.

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Biniam tekle
Biniam tekle
4 years ago

I lost my sumsung Galaxy 7 in Saturday I won’t find out who stolen

3 years ago

I don’t have a samsung account it’s kinda depressing. My phone got stolen yesterday febraury 7. I tried method one but the location is sadly unavailable. I haven’t tried method two because i don’t have a samsung account 🙁