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You are here because you lost your phone ughhh!! It is very annoying when you can’t find your phone, without which one can’t survive because all the personal data and contacts and everything is in it. Also the fear of someone getting your personal data is worse. Sometimes it is in the house under the furniture or sometimes it is on silent and it is difficult to find it. In this guide, you will go through two methods to locate lost Note 5. Both methods are easy and they don’t require any third party software. So stop worrying let’s get started.

Note 5 is predecessor of Note 7 and it is one of the most loved phablet of Note series. Note 5 has gorgeous design and its display is stunning. losing your phone is the most devastating thing that can happen to your. There are few categories of losing phone. Sometimes it is just around somewhere and you cant seem to find it. Although you are sure its not stolen. other times you are not sure if your phone is around or stolen.

We have solutions for both situations. Lets hope this guide does the job for you.

How to Locate Lost Note 5 Remotely:

There are actually 2 methods to locate lost Note 5. For trying out the first method it is necessary to know your gmail account used on your Note 5. If you don’t know credentials of your google account that you used on your Note 5. Then you can try the second method, which makes use of your Samsung account in order to locate lost Note

Locate lost Note 5 through Android device Manager:

If you have lost your phone and you are sure that is around you should try this method. There is a google service called Android Device Manager. It allows you to locate your lost also you can ring on it even if it is on silent also you can lock your phone via this service so that it does not gets into wrong hands. You can also reset your phone if you think you have lost your phone permanently.

Follow the mentioned steps to locate or wipe your lost note 5.

  • Open  Android Device Manager on your laptop or smartphone you are using.
  • you have to log into Android Device Manager from the same gmail account that you use your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in play store for installing applications.

  • After logging in you will see Google maps. It will pinpoint your device location. If your phone isn’t connected to internet then you will see the last date and time when it was last online.
  • There will be option to ring your phone. Click on Ring.
  • Now your lost note 5 will ring for 5 minutes. unless you find it and press the power button to make it stop ringing.

This method is very easy, I hope this method helps you to locate and ring your phone. If you don’t remember your gmail account you can try the other method below. Which uses your Samsung Account to access your Note 5 remotely.

Locate Lost Note 5 using Samsung’s Find my Mobile.

  • If Android Device Manager didn’t work out. Don’t worry!! you still have chance to find it by this method.
  • Samsung Find my device service allows you to perform number of tasks on your phone remotely using desktop. You can unlock your device, wipe itm extend its battery life, retrieve call logs and make it ring.


Follow these steps to find your phone.

  1. Open Samsung Find My Mobile website.
  2. Now login using Samsung account. If you don’t remember your email and password then you can recover your account from the option present below login button.
  3. Once you are logged in. You will see location of your phone on Google Maps.
  4. On the main screen of Find my mobile service, you will see number of services. Select “Ring My Device“.
  5. Now your lost Samsung Note 5 will ring for 5 minutes, even if it is on silent. After finding if you can make it stop by press power button.

I hope these method will help you your phone. Kindly share your experience if it helped you to locate lost Note 5 or if you know any other method to track lost Note 5. Don’t hesitate do share it with us. You can also ask us if you have any questions regarding the guide above. I hope you guys successfully locate your lost phone using the above methods.

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