How to fix GPS on OnePlus 3 [Complete Guide]

fix GPS on OnePlus 3

Recently I came across some issues with the GPS on OnePlus 3. And I was able to fix GPS on OnePlus 3 by just clearing and updating AGPS. The thing is the GPS shows the current location very inaccurately on the maps.

Although I have stock firmware. Still, after the update or just randomly in the past week. My phone used to lose GPS signal completely while driving. I checked that my other phone at the same location had full GPS signals. If anyone else is facing these issues of GPS on OnePlus 3. Then use the guide below to fix GPS problem on OnePlus 3 below.

OnePlus 3 is the latest flagship of the company. Although OnePlus is a new company as compared to other smartphone manufacturers. OnePlus got itself to a very good position in a very competitive smartphone market. OnePlus smartphones quickly caught the attention of power Android users. and with time normal android users realized that Oneplus smartphones are one of the best in the market and they stand next to the smartphone manufacturing giants like Samsung and Apple.

How to fix GPS on OnePlus 3

Moving on to the guide. There are a few potential solutions for this GPS issue. The one that worked for me is mentioned at the bottom of this article. In my opinion, it looks like LTE signals are messing up with the GPS signals. First, we will try to fix GPS on OnePlus 3 using the easy solutions. Like checking the settings of the phone. I hope this solution works out for your guys. I am in love with OnePlus 3 since its release. It never gave me any problem regarding software or hardware. I just had this GPS issue and got it fixed.

  • First things first; Make sure GPS is enabled on your Phone. You can check it on the settings on your phone. If it’s enabled. You will see an icon on the status bar of your OnePlus 3.
  • Goto: Settings –> Privacy and Settings –> Location and set Location Accuracy to High.
  • Now change the Search Method to GPS, WIFI and Mobile Network. (Don’t worry it won’t consume your cellular mobile data or credit)

AGPS Update to Fix GPS on OnePlus 3:

There are times when you have no GPS signal on OnePlus 3. There is a trick to solve this issue. All you have to do is to clear AGPS and update it. Unfortunately, this feature is not present in One Plus 3 or stock Android. You will have to download and install an app from the Google play store to clear AGPS and update it.

Don’t worry this application will only reset your GPS for you. It is on the Google Play store for quite a long time and many people are making use of it to solve their GPS issues. It is developed by a recognized developer and it won’t be harmful to your phone.

Once downloaded. Open the app. (Make sure GPS is turned on).

In the app locate:

  • Clear AGPS
  • Update AGPS.

This will fix GPS on OnePlus 3. It will reset AGPS data on your phone and the new data will be fetched. You might have to restart your phone.

If the above-mentioned methods did not fix GPS on OnePlus 3. Then there are chances that the problem is due to hardware issue. You should take your phone to customer care. Or get it fixed or replaced if your phone is in warranty. Most probably, it’s just a software problem which can be easily fixed by clearing and updating AGPS.

Update: Many People have reported that the issue is fixed by Clearing Cache of One Plus 3.

Clearing cache won’t delete any data present on your phone. In order to clear the cache of OnePlus 3, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold the Power button and Volume down button to get into recovery menu.
  • Select Language.
  • Select Clear Cache/Data.
  • It will navigate you to a menu where you will have separate options for clearing cache and for clearing data.
  • Finally, just select Wipe Cache option and reboot OnePlus 3.

See this guide to clear cache of system partition of OnePlus 3 or 3T.

Tip: If you go to Settings -> Storage & USB and tap on Cached Data. It’ll also clear out cache.

In conclusion, I would like to say if you have any questions regarding the above guide. You can ask me in the comments. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Although the guide is pretty easy and you won’t have any issue implementing it. Still, feel free to ask if you have any confusion. I hope this guide on how to fix GPS on OnePlus 3 works out for you.

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4 years ago

First of all, Oneplus is not Oppo’s company, is a independent company and hosted by Carl Pei. Oneplus is a new smartphone company that it started on 2014, thanks.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

OnePlus is a subsidiary of Oppo so they are separate companies but under a single entity. Not sure where you got that info that they’re a separate company from.

4 years ago

Hi, i tried the first method and it didn’t work.
So i tried the second method:

Turn off your phone.
Press Power button and Volume down button to get into recovery menu.
Select Language.
Select Clear Cache.

I don’t have the selection Clear Cache, i only have Wipe Data and clear Cache.
That doesn’t sound like the right choice

I run
Android 6.0.1
Oxygen 3.2.4

Any more advice?

4 years ago
Reply to  TazBaz

“I don’t have the selection Clear Cache, i only have Wipe Data and clear Cache.”
Have you read what you wrote?

Thomas Dresler
Thomas Dresler
3 years ago

I tried the things above with no fix to the problem, then I read somewhere that one tried setting your Oneplus 3 to only use 3G and not LTE. I did a test today driving 60 miles with lte with about 10 gps losses. Then on my way back I switched to 3G only and had no gps connection loss at all.

3 years ago

My gps only worked when I have WiFi and I couldn’t get any signal when I am not connected. Clearing cache data worked for my one plus 3t. Thank you! It’s hard to navigate without the gps in a foreign country while travelling.

Warner Ballesteros
3 years ago

Thank you, in my particular case…for some reason I had the HTC sense off, I turned back on, problem solved!
I hope this works for someone else