Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 proved out to be the savior for Samsung. Galaxy S5 was an embarrassment for the company. After S5 Samsung vowed to completely redesign their next flagship. Samsung Galaxy S6 was released with a great new elegant design and amazing specs. It was a huge success, even now users of Galaxy S6 are contented with it and they are reluctant to update to Galaxy S7. Samsung Galaxy S6 is a complete phone with everything a normal smartphone requires. It has perfect looks, great design, premium body, magnificent camera, and best size. The only thing that I didn’t like about Galaxy S6 is that it does not have external storage slot. No external slot can be a real headache for guys like me, who flash custom roms and install custom ROM on Galaxy S6 all the time.

  1. Before moving on to the guide, let me give you guys an overview of what we are going to. First of all you will have to download the custom recovery, custom ROM, ODIN and SuperSU. After the downloads. First, we will flash SuperSU to root the phone, then you will have to flash TWRP custom recovery then flash the gapps if required. That’s all. Next time you reboot, you will have all new ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

How to Root and Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S6:

Before moving forward know that installing custom ROM might result in bricking your phone only if you don’t follow the steps as specified. So carefully follow all the instruction and whatsoever happens, don’t restart your phone or shut it down while flashing or rooting is under process. In order to root and install custom ROM on Galaxy S6. You will have to download the following prerequisites:

Prerequisites for installing TWRP on Galaxy S6:

Preparation for Root and Installation of TWRP and Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S6:

Once you have downloaded the above files, now follow the steps below. Following steps are for preparation to install Custom ROM on Galaxy S6 and TWRP.

  • Know that flashing custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6 will delete all the data present inside it. So make a backup of your phone using this guide.
  • Disable lockscreen passcode or pattern on your Galaxy S6.
  • Make sure your phone is at least 50% charged.
  • Now download ODIN and unzip the software on a desktop or somewhere it can be easily reached.
  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed Samsung USB drivers on your PC. The drivers are required so that your phone is recognized when you connect it your PC in download mode.
  • Download the custom ROM from the link above. Just go to the link and any custom recovery that you like. Download its zip file. Or if you already have custom ROM. Make a folder in internal storage of your Galaxy S6 and place it there or place it somewhere in your phone where you can easily locate it via custom ROM.
  • Remember if you are flashing cyanogenmod then you will have to flash gapps as well.
  • After that, download the TWRP custom recovery and place it on your PC.
  • Lastly, download SuperSu file and place it in the internal storage of your Galaxy S6.

Finally, lets move forward on how to root and install custom ROM on Galaxy S6. I hope you guys are with me. At any step, if you are confused or you have any query feel free to ask me in the comments. I will get back to you within 12 hours.

Follow the steps below to root and install custom ROM on Galaxy S6:

  1. First of all we will install custom recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S6.
  2. Put your phone in Download mode:
    • Turn off your phone.
    • Press Volume Down + Power and Home Button Simultaneously. Keep on holding till you see android figure on Screen.
    • Now press Volume up button to continue.
  3. Now connect your phone to your PC. Open ODIN. You will see ID:COM turn to blue, it;s an indication that your phone is recognised.
  4. Click on AP or PDA in some ODIN versions. Select the custom recovery TWRP .tar file that you downloaded. Like in the screenshot below.root-install-custom-rom-galaxy-S6
  5. Click on Start.
  6. It will take some time and if flashing of custom ROM was successful on your S6. Then your phone will reboot.
  7. Once it reboots. Turn off your phone.
  8. Get into Custom Recovery TWRP:.
    • Press Volume up + Power + Home button. Keep on holding the buttons till you see TWRP menu. (If your phone boots into Android Stock recovery with android figure in the background, then you will have to flash the custom recovery again while unchecking the auto reboot. And when the flashing of custom ROM is completed. Turn off your phone and manually boot it into recovery menu. Don’t let it get start the stock operating system)
  9. Once you are in TWRP recovery Menu.

    • Note: If you want to just root Galaxy S6 and you don’t want to flash custom recovery. Skip the steps below and perform step 16 and 18 only).
  10. First of all, make NANDROID backup using this guide and move the backup file on your PC, as backup file will get deleted if you left it in the internal storage of your phone. (Nandroid backup saves your ROM and everything. It can help you restore your phone if the custom ROM fails to flash or your phone bricks due to some unknown reason).
  11. Now get back to main screen of TWRP recovery menu and
  12. Select Dalvik Cache and Cache Partition.
  13. And Swipe to Wipe them.
  14. Perform a Factory Reset using TWRP.
  15. Go back to Main Screen of TWRP.
  16. Now tap on Install and select the SuperSu zip file and flash it on your phone by swiping on the screen. This is to root your phone.
  17. Once your phone is rooted. Now install Custom ROM on your phone by locating the custom recovery file and swiping to flash it.
  18. Now reboot your Samsung Galaxy S6. First reboot will take 10-15 minutes depending upon the custom ROM you have installed on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

That’s all on how to root, install TWRP and install Custom ROM on Galaxy S6. If you have any issue or query. Feel free to contact me in the comments. If it’s your first time and you need step to step guidance. I can take out time for that as well. Just ask me in the comments.

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Rudolph Arruda
Rudolph Arruda

What does this do to make the phone better than it already is since I’m not that up to speed yet


How about i dont have that OEM UNLOCKING option down to developer options??? i have a stock galaxy s6

Juju chua
Juju chua

Hello buddy I need some help with my flash part. I already rooted the phone and have super on it. Now how do I add a custom rom to it and how do I retrieve deleted messages or deleted anything in my phone. And if I factory reset can I still get my deleted things thank you y


Read this step:
Know that flashing custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6 will delete all the data present inside it. So make a backup of your phone using this guide.