Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found

Pokemon Go has taken over the world in the past few weeks. Some people are taking this take over in a lighter note, bus are really worried about it. Just today I read how a guy who never liked moving out of his bed all day. Walked almost 10 KM to find a Pokestop. Apple has declared that it has broken the record of most downloads in the first week of release on their App store. This game based on augmented reality is breaking all the records and it is said to be making 1 million dollars each day. It’s still not released in many countries around the world. In those countries people are downloading Pokemon via APK. But they are facing this error “Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found”

How to Fix Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found

In the post below we will be looking at the potential solutions of this error. It is not problem in your phone’s hardware or operating system. Mostly its because you live in a area where Pokemon is not released officially.

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First things first:

  • Make sure GPS is enabled in your phone. Go can check it by going to Settings of your phone. If its enabled you will see icon on the status bar of your phone. If the icon is missing then you might have to go to settings to turn it on.
  • Set Location Accuracy to High.

Go get this done on Android phone:

  • Goto Home Screen –> App Menu –> Settings –> Privacy & Security –> Location.

It should be already turned on. You will see active right next to it. Now Select Search Method and select GPS, WIFI and Mobile Network. 

This is to set your location services to give most accurate result. It won’t use your mobile data or cellular network credit.


AGPS Update:

There are times when you have no GPS signal in your area for Pokemon Go. To solve this you will have to clear AGPS and update it. Unfortunately, this feature is not present in stock Android. You will have to download and install an application to do so.

Don’t worry this application will only reset your GPS for you. It is on the Google Play store for quite a long time and many people are making use of it to solve their GPS issues. It is developed by recognised developer and it wont give any harm to your phone.

After you have downloaded the app. Open the app. Make sure GPS is turned on.

  • In the app locate:
    • Clear AGPS
    • Update AGPS.

This will solve Pokemon Go GPS Signal not found. It will reset AGPS data on your phone and the new data will be fetched. You might have to reboot your phone and then start Pokemon Go again. This guide also works if your GPS is showing inaccurate location on your phone.

Tip: GPS works best outside in the open. So you should play the game outside your home.

That’s all on how to fix Pokemon GO GPS signal not found. If you have any questions or queries. Feel free to contact me in the comments. If you have any other solution of this Pokemon Go GPS signal not found. Do share with us. Till then keep playing and keep catching Pokemons.

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4 years ago

Hello can you give me the link for apk?

thakur siddhraj
thakur siddhraj
4 years ago

Thanks. A lot. It works instantly

4 years ago

Thanks a lot. It worked instantly

March Acosta
March Acosta
3 years ago

How to enable GPS on my Samsung J2 2016 ?? Philippines .

J Yuan
J Yuan
3 years ago

I followed your instructions,but it still shows GPS signal not found.