How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Frozen Screen

How to fix samsung Galaxy S6 frozen screen

Normally if phone’s screen freezes, you could just pull out the battery and put it back in and that’s it. But Samsung Galaxy S6 does not have a removable battery. You can not easily remove the battery from the back of S6. But there is another fix for Samsung Galaxy S6 frozen screen which we are going to discuss in the guide below.

Samsung Galaxy S6 proved out to be game-changer for Samsung. With Galaxy S5 disappointing most of the already existing users and it proved out to be a major failure. Samsung vowed to completely revamp the design of its Galaxy series phones. Galaxy S6 is a stylish phone, its design is sleek and it is one of the most adored Samsung smartphones out there. Users are contented with it and even after the release of Samsung Galaxy S7. People are not willing to upgrade as they are quite happy with their S6.

Galaxy S6 is a monster when it comes to specs and features. It is currently running on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 and it might even get the Android Nougat update. The screen size if of 5.1″. Its body is made up of Aluminum and glass which gives it perfection when it comes to looks. The camera is amazing with 16 megapixels. Along with the front-facing camera of 5 megapixels. It is running Samsung’s Exynos 7 octa 7420 chip and there is another 3GB RAM for support in processing. All in all Samsung Galaxy S6 is a complete and perfect phone for everyday use. So now let’s move on to Samsung Galaxy S6 frozen screen fix.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 frozen screen

As you know you can’t just take out the battery of your Galaxy S6 if it’s stuck at any instance. You can either wait or you can either perform a soft reset. Soft reset does not delete any of your data. It is just like simple rebooting if the Galaxy S6 screen is frozen at any instance. If your phone ever gets stuck at any place. It might be due to some app or because of deadlock.

  • In order to fix this perform a soft reset by pressing and holding Power button and Volume down button for 10 seconds. Your phone will turn off and restart again.
  • If you ever get this issue of Samsung Galaxy S6 screen froze. Boot into Safe mode using this guide. And remove the app that is causing this problem. Using safe mode you will be able to easily diagnose and solve the problem that is causing this issue.
  • If your phone is stuck at Samsung logo and it won’t turn on and pass the boot screen then use this guide to fix your Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • There can be some background apps that might be responsible for this freezing of your Galaxy S6. Use this guide to disable unnecessary background apps. Disabling unwanted apps from background processing will not only enhance the speed of your Galaxy S6, but it will also improve battery timing and processing speed of your phone.

Method 2 to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 frozen screen:

If the above method didn’t work for you and your Samsung Galaxy G6 is still not working and its screen is frozen then you should try the guide below. There is new software introduced by Samsung. It lets you back up all your data on your PC and then you can reinstall the operating system of your phone. It makes your phone good as new and you don’t even lose any of your data. Follow the guide in the video below. If you have any issues. Feel free to ask me in the comments.

That’s all from how to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 frozen screen. If you have any query regarding the above guide. Feel free to contact me in the comments.

Do give us feedback on how you fixed your phone and which method was helpful in fixing this problem. If you have any confusion. Feel free to contact us. we are here to help you out.

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3 years ago

I have a problem with my samsung S6 screen. It keeps freezing, I have flush the ram and even reset the phone to factory mode. The problem still exist. what do I do next. Do I have to replace the screen or what.

3 years ago

same here – Reboot – Factory Reset- Removing all Apps – nothing works.. its the fucking OS

Rita Sparlin
Rita Sparlin
7 months ago

I have a Samsung s6 android. it has froze 2 times today. currently I used the volume and down button to reboot. so the screen came up maintenance boot mode with 4 options to pick from. normal boot, factory reset, safe mode, power down. don’t know what to do next. help please.